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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 49078 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 4/11
« Reply #720 on: April 11, 2020, 07:48:39 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

  • Saturday, Apr. 11, 2020

  • "I’ve read the plans to reopen the economy. They’re scary."

    vox.com - Over the past few days, I’ve been reading the major plans for what comes after social distancing. You can read them, too. There’s one from the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, the left-le…

    Live updates: Coronavirus death toll in U.S. surpasses 2,000 in a day; Fauci hopes for a ‘real degree of normality’ by November

    washingtonpost.com - By Derek Hawkins, close Derek Hawkins National and breaking news reporter Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow Simon Denyer and close Simon Denyer Tokyo bureau chief covering Japan, North Korea and South …

    Massive eruption at Indonesian volcano Krakatoa - report

    newshub.co.nz - The Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, also known as Krakatau, has reportedly erupted. Reports say it sent a plume of ash several kilometres into the air, with a boom that could be heard from far away. "Pl…

    A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it’s not from the White House

    washingtonpost.com - By Lena H. Sun, close Lena H. Sun National reporter focusing on health Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow William Wan and close William Wan National correspondent covering health, science and news Email…

    New Research Shows Anti-Coronavirus Drugs Could Be Produced for Pennies

    mintpressnews.com - A new article in the Journal of Virus Eradication published yesterday explored the cost of mass producing several drugs that have shown distinct promise in the global fight against the novel coronavi…

    How Did the U.S. End Up with Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags?

    newyorker.com - On Saturday, March 21st, while Donald Trump was tweeting about the “Chinese virus” and circulating praise for the “great job we’ve done,” Eric Ries received a phone call from another Silicon Valley C…

    1st results in on Gilead coronavirus drug; more study needed

    apnews.com - More than half of a group of severely ill coronavirus patients improved after receiving an experimental antiviral drug, although there’s no way to know the odds of that happening without the drug bec…

    Coronavirus: US Pols Have Successfully Hyped the Public Into an Anti-China Frenzy

    mintpressnews.com - A new Harris poll has found that, amidst the crisis, the American public’s attitude towards China has turned from frosty to outright hostile. 77 percent of the country blames China for the outbreak, …

    The S.E.C. Rule That Destroyed The Universe

    taibbi.substack.com - The Covid-19 crisis has revealed gruesome core dysfunction. Drug companies have to be bribed to make needed medicines, state governments improvise harebrained plans for emergency elections, and indus…

    Apple, Google to harness phones for virus infection tracking

    apnews.com - Apple and Google fueled hopes for digital technology’s promise against a fast-moving, invisible killer, announcing a joint effort to help public health agencies worldwide leverage smartphones to cont…

    Making Sense of the Various Coronavirus Death Toll Projections

    medium.com - The big conversation is around the 60,000 death toll model, so today I had confidential conversations with the modelers. I can share some of he details from my learnings without attribution. There is…

    Here Are the Red States That Limit Voting by Mail to Trump–Approved Groups

    nymag.com - Sadly, state rules governing voting by mail, which may well be the only safe way to participate in democratic self-governance during a pandemic, are going to be the subject of intense partisan maneuv…

    'If It's Not True, Don't Put It on TV': A Former TV Exec on How to Save Live News in the Trump Era

    rollingstone.com - Many Americans are disturbed that TV networks air the Trump White House’s misinformation-filled coronavirus briefings live and in primetime. One of those people is Mark Lukasiewicz, a former executiv…

    6 new coronaviruses discovered in bats

    livescience.com - Scientists have discovered six entirely new coronaviruses lurking in bats in Myanmar. These viruses are in the same family as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is currently spreading across the globe; but th…

    16 safer disinfectants to use against coronavirus

    treehugger.com - Because of COVID-19, we are suddenly a people who can not clean our homes enough; here's how to do it effectively but safely. For years I have been dedicated to DIY cleaners and/or the greenest, gent…

    Why Bernie Sanders failed

    vox.com - Sen. Bernie Sanders’s theory of victory was simple: An unapologetically socialist politics centering Medicare-for-all and welfare state expansions would unite the working class and turn out young peo…

    Opinion - Workers in full Hazmat suits bury rows of coffins in mass grave

    informationclearinghouse.info - Those dressed in hazmat suits had to use a ladder to get down into the mass grave on Thursday as the new caskets were buried. They were watched by a corrections officer (far right) Under a new policy…

    People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in 'decades,' as the

    cnn.com - (CNN) — People in the northern Indian state of Punjab are reacting with awe at the sight of the Himalayan mountain range, which is now visible from more than 100 miles away due to the reduction in ai…

    As coronavirus deaths rise, funeral directors struggle with tending to the living and the dead

    washingtonpost.com - Funeral director Tom Cheeseman loads a body into his van after making a house call in New York. (John Minchillo/AP) By Abigail Hauslohner and close Abigail Hauslohner National reporter focusing on im…

    Coronavirus: who will be winners and losers in new world order?

    theguardian.com - Andrà tutto bene, the Italians have taught us to think, but in truth, will everything be better the day after? It may seem premature, in the midst of what Emmanuel Macron has described as “a war agai…

    Here's how your body gains immunity to coronavirus | Zania Stamataki

    theguardian.com - As the daughter of an air force officer and a nurse, I am fascinated by defence systems. There is none more impressive than the human immune system, equipped as it is with a rich arsenal to defend ag…

    Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

    latimes.com - Although President Trump has directed states and hospitals to secure what supplies they can, the federal government is quietly seizing orders, leaving medical providers across the country in the dark…

    Trump’s Ridiculously Political Briefings on the Pandemic Are Unique in the Democratic World

    theintercept.com - To get a sense of just how much damage Donald Trump is doing each day, by making the daily White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic mostly about himself, and distracting attention from vital…

    COVID-19: Monitoring The Global Slowdown - bellingcat

    bellingcat.com - Since the first cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in China’s city of Wuhan in December 2019, the virus has spread throughout the world and — as of the writing of this article — …

    Think 168,000 Ventilators Is Too Few? Try Three.

    theatlantic.com - Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here. In late March an anonymous doctor in a New York hospital told CNN that he w…

    Using a delay-adjusted case fatality ratio to estimate under-reporting

    cmmid.github.io - During an outbreak, the naive CFR (nCFR), i.e. the ratio of reported deaths date to reported cases to date, will underestimate the true CFR because the outcome (recovery or death) is not known for al…

    How to build a strong local food system

    treehugger.com - Before we had ‘local food,’ we just had food. Communities fed themselves with whatever was produced in the region, with farmers selling directly to stores and customers. It was unheard of to truck ve…


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