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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 49089 times)

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Re: Doomstead Diner Daily
« Reply #720 on: April 10, 2020, 06:45:20 pm »

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH Jamarl Thomas ✨ that we must abandon Sanders for the simple reason that he will urge people to vote for Biden.
Your choice is binary. Then we'll mark you down for Trump.
Any vote for Greens, Blues, reptilians, etc. is a vote for Trump.

See Stein, J. in 2016, and Nader, R. in 2000.

That is all

Sorry Bro, ethical behavior is NOT "binary". Stein, Nader, et al did the right thing. Yeah, Trump will win, probably in a landslide, but DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME that I am "supporting a Trump victory" by not voting for Biden or Trump. I didn't make this GOD DAMNED SYSTEM (and I'm NOT swearing), the "Democratic" Party FASCIST ENABLERS DID! As I said in 2016, Obama was the fascist warmup; Trump is the MAIN EVENT. You, an intelligent person, are going to sit there and tell me with a straight face that Biden isn't the FALL GUY for Trump, DELIBERATELY PUT THER BY THE DLC so Trump would win?

THAT'S WHAT HE IS, A FALL GUY! And if you want to "binary" your choice and vote for Biden, you will be very depressed this November.

Here's the deal, Bro. You are a very smart, but rather tubborn, fellow that thinks he has politics in the USA all figured out. Well, you, who normally sees things more clearly than I do in the political arena, are leaving out of your, normally rational calculus, a GIGANTIC IN-OUR-FACES CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEM. THAT IS NUMERO UNO, SURLY, not the fascist tyranny that we are ALREADY saddled with. You are DREAMING if you think Biden, in the highly unlikely event that he becomes POTUS, will prevent that. DON'T TELL ME YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THE CLIMATE CLUSTERFUCK OUT! YOU ARE BY TRYING TO HERD PEOPLE INTO VOTING FOR BIDEN.

Scoff all you want, Bro. Just read the following and then tell me to pound sand all you want. I've thought this through. Here's my rant on why Biden and Trump are BOTH nearly identical forms of NATIONAL SUICIDE: 

Biden's corporate friendly, people screwing track record is all there in the Senate. Trump can pretend he didn't actively help BUY politicians like Biden to do that, but it is a pretense, nothing more. However, Trump has the advantage that you cannot objectively and irrefutably "say" that Trump "specifically supported" all the SWAG GIVEAWAYS to the 1%, from legal tax loopholes to special bankruptcy favors to the money laundering fun and games the Congress aided and abetted, even though Trump was certainly part of the 1% crooks that DID "lobby" for all of that THEFT.

I'm sure Trump smiled broadly when then Senator Biden shut the door to student bankruptcy protection. Yeah, they were BOTH on EXACTLY THE SAME BANKSTER PLEASING PAGE, long before Biden became Obama's VP.

But, of course, what we have here is a contest of polished con artist liars, so both of them will claim they are "champions of the people" against the, uh, "DC swamp". They will shout until they are hoarse that they have "always defended the will of the American People"...

I was born in the dark, but it wasn't last night.

Remember that Trump gave most of his "political contributions" to the "Democratic" Party until Obama got there. The Clintons and Trumps were great pals and went to parties and weddings together. Maybe that is irrelevant to most casual observers, but Trump wasn't sending money to "Democrats" out of the goodness of his heart.

That said, the important thing for all of us who see a bit of a problem with the Fascist Tyranny in the USA goes WAY BEYOND the Dictatorship Cruelty and Despotism thing, as bad as THAT is.

It's the Catastrophic climate Change that BOTH Biden and Trump will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address, except to, maybe, fund bunkers for the 1% where they can watch the rest of us go the way of all flesh (they might call it something like Save the "Job Creators" Act). That is not hyperbole. Most of the funds coming out of government now go to the 1%, so I would not put it past them to "legalize" another in-our-faces outrage.

These psychopaths really and honestly believe that they can beat this climate change thing with perception management (SEE; The Strength of the Will - a Fascist Fairy Tale those arrogant bastards believe in with all their might).

They just cannot wrap their greedy heads around the concept that humans cannot industrially defecate where they eat without eventually going extinct. We can expect no rational actions from them for the purpose of preserving the biosphere out of sine qua non human species survival necessity.

"For most of my adult life I’ve railed against “corporate capitalism”, “consumer capitalism” and “crony capitalism”. It took me a long time to see that the problem is not the adjective but the noun." -- George Monbiot

"... the bad freedoms to exploit those around us and extract huge profits without regard to the common good, including what is done to the ecosystem and democratic institutions. These bad freedoms see corporations monopolize technologies and scientific advances to make huge profits, even when, as with the pharmaceutical industry, a monopoly means lives of those who cannot pay exorbitant prices are put in jeopardy. The good freedoms—freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of meeting, freedom of association, freedom to choose one’s job—are eventually snuffed out by the primacy of the bad freedoms." -- Chris Hedges

The story of fossil fuel consumption growth is a story of technologies used, misused and moulded by the corporations that control them; of capitalist expansion, particularly after the second world war; and of government complicity -- Simon Pirani

"When we are swiftly shuttling ourselves down the path of irreversible climate cataclysm, the only unreasonable option is to double down on the status quo."

That ideological alignment between Biden and Trump is a death sentence for we-the-people in the USA, and possibly the entire human species. For that reason alone, no rational person can support either one or the Profit Over People and Planet Duopoly they serve.

I'm going to repost now some quotes I posted less than year after Trump came to power. Notice what has nauseatingly come to pass, despite scientists shouting from the rooftops that it is suicidal to continue 'business as usual' (a term near and dear to both the "Democrats" and the Republicans):

“Subsidizing fossil fuel companies in the face of rapid climate change is like spraying jet fuel on a burning home. To put out the fire, we must first stop making the problem worse,” Doukas continued. “Ignoring the problem just because fossil fuel industry mascots like Trump demand it is like agreeing to take the warning labels off of cigarettes because they offend Joe Camel. Our leaders must act now to stop burning our tax dollars and stop trashing the climate.”

"To say that Fossil Fuel Industry 🦕🦖 😈 disinformation isn’t the whole story is to knock down a straw man: the fact remains that it is a major--and perhaps the most important--part of the story."

"Amid the din of grinding gears, midnight tweets, intrigue and White House infighting comes the sound of old wheels rolling backward, of laws and protections being rescinded and redacted, of a rapid retreat away from any pretense of concern for the environment, the elderly and the vulnerable, and toward even taller profits for a select few. They’re coming for our friends, family and neighbors, and they’re coming for the loot too. They want your money, and will have it if they can get it." -- Truthout, William Rivers Pitt, Columnist and Editor

The above was predicted over three years ago. Today, April 10, 2020, we know it will only get worse, no matter which of the two Oligarchic TOOLS, Biden or Trump, wins the November 2020 election.

We either get off this dead end track by silent, total 100% rejection of our Profit over People and Planet MORON FASCISTS, or we are all toast.

Sure, if we break the back of the "Democratic" Party by moving massively to the Green Party, we may all die from Trump inaction on climate anyway after he wins in November in a landslide. But, moving massively to the Green Party is the only, not simply ethical, but also rational, choice we have before us at this time.

If we swallow the Bernie pro-Biden BULLSHIT and choose to be "lesser" evil quislings for the "Democratic" Party, we are going to die just as quickly from the Catastrophic Climate Change now arriving that neither Biden nor Trump will try, beyond lip service and perception management legerdemain, to mitigate.

Human Inequity is directly proportional to the amount of human iniquity. - A. G. Gelbert
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:37


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