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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 53452 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 12/12
« Reply #510 on: December 12, 2019, 06:22:27 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

General election 2019: nation faces 'historic' choice – polling day live news

theguardian.com - France’s media have been following the UK election campaign closely, and did not take long to draw their conclusions. “Boris Johnson: the liar weakening Europe,” was the front-page splash in the popu…

Lavrov, White House disagree on whether election interference was discussed during meeting with Trump

newsweek.com - After a Tuesday afternoon meeting with President Donald Trump, Sergey Lavrov contraindicated the official White House readout of their meeting, which said they spoke to one another about election int…

Senate Republicans look to hold short impeachment trial despite Trump’s desire for an aggressive defense

washingtonpost.com - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has yet to publicly lay out his plan for a Senate impeachment trial. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post) By Seung Min Kim, close Seung Min Kim White House…

How Trump's New Anti-Semitism Order Effectively Criminalizes Dissent

mintpressnews.com - President Trump is expected to sign an executive order today purporting to target anti-Semitism on college campuses. However, the measure is understood on all sides as an attempt to outlaw the Boycot…

Christopher Steele and Ivanka Trump | Gaslit Nation on Patreon

patreon.com - In this action-packed Gaslit Nation episode, we discuss the two articles of impeachment that were introduced by the House Democrats as Trump’s Kremlin pal Sergei Lavrov sat in the White House getting…

Mexico Joins List of Nations That See US As Greatest Threat To World Peace: Poll

mintpressnews.com - A poll published last week by the Pew Research Center shows that 56 percent of Mexicans view the United States as the greatest threat to their country. Russia and China came an extremely distant seco…

Wasteful spending and half-baked ideas: U.S. officials reveal how massive rebuilding projects in Afghanistan backfired

washingtonpost.com - The Afghanistan Papers A secret history of the war Built to fail Despite vows the U.S. wouldn’t get mired in ‘nation-building,’ it’s wasted billions doing just that By Craig Whitlock Craig Whitlock I…

Elected by Donors: How the University of Cape Town Was Bullied into Embracing Israel

mintpressnews.com - It was a scandal of the highest caliber. On November 23, the Senate of the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa was practically bullied to reverse an earlier decision that called for the aca…

Jersey City Shooting: Suspect Linked to Black Hebrew Israelite Group

nytimes.com - Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, the grand rabbi of Satmar Shul, spoke over a loudspeaker, crying as he delivered remarks in Yiddish calling the killing a senseless, anti-Semitic act. In Jersey City, hu…

If Trump Is Reelected, He Will Come for Your Amazon Prime

nymag.com - President Trump appears to have a vendetta against Amazon because he’s angry about how the Washington Post, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has covered him and his administration. The company fil…

The King of Sweden Gives Peter Handke a Disgraceful Nobel Prize

theintercept.com - When the academy announced its decision on October 10, there was shock and bafflement. Although the academy has refused to explain itself in any coherent way, it has become clear that its appointed-f…

The U.S. Government Lied about the Afghanistan War, They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Media Lapdogs - CounterPunch.org

counterpunch.org - “In ten years or so, we’ll leak the truth,” the Dead Kennedys sang. “But by then it’s only so much paper.” But it might just score you a Pulitzer Prize. Award bait and bragging rights are no doubt th…

FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page

washingtonpost.com - The FBI obtained a secret court order in October 2016 to monitor the communications of a former adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, part of an investigation into possible links between Ru…

USMCA: The 3 most important changes in the new NAFTA and why they matter

theconversation.com - President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders agreed on a deal to pass a new trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada that will update NAFTA. Passing the new trade accord, known as the U.S…

Greenpeace chief locked out of UN climate meet amid protests

news.yahoo.com - More than 200 youth and indigenous rights activists were thrown out of the climate talks in Madrid (AFP Photo/CRISTINA QUICLER) Madrid (AFP) - Hours after sharing a podium at 196-nations climate talk…

NASA: Greenland’s ice melt is accelerating, aligning with ‘worst case’ projections

clickondetroit.com - The Greenland Ice Sheet is rapidly melting, having lost 3.8 trillion tons of ice between 1992 and 2018, a new study from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) finds. The study combined twenty-six …

Historical Discovery Shows The Coal Industry Was Well Aware of Climate Change Over 50 Years Ago

sciencealert.com - A rediscovered journal from the 1960s reveals the coal industry has understood the dangers of human-caused climate change for over 50 years, and may constitute the earliest known evidence of such fat…


abeautifulresistance.org - Therein, though, is the hint as to what is actually behind the increasing authoritarian trends, whether those be state-led or populist. Because fascism is a reaction after all, but not a reaction aga…

Jeff Bezos’s Vision of the Future Is Basically Blade Runner

jacobinmag.com - In May, Jeff Bezos unveiled his long-term vision for humanity’s future. During an hour-long presentation in Washington, DC, the Amazon billionaire described how humans will need to leave Earth if we’…

Reach ‘peak meat’ by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

theguardian.com - Livestock production needs to reach its peak within the next decade in order to tackle the climate emergency, scientists have warned. They are calling for governments in all but the poorest countries…

Trump’s Executive Order to Stifle Israel Critics Probably Violates Constitution

nymag.com - For a long time, some pro-Israel activists and lawmakers have been pushing a deeply authoritarian idea: using the power of the American state to punish those who take part in the so-called Boycott, D…

Papers Owned by Oligarchs Unsurprisingly Oppose a Wealth Tax

fair.org - When wealth-tax advocates like senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are two of the top three contenders for winning the 2020 Democratic primaries, you can bet that the US ruling class is terr…

Who’s afraid of Medicare for All?

intrepidreport.com - We might expect that corporate billionaires and Koch-funded Republican right-wingers would be howl-at-the-moon opponents of a wealth tax, Medicare-for-All, and other big progressive ideas to help imp…

To Combat Climate Change, See the Forest for the Trees

undark.org - When most people conjure a forest, they imagine a dense network of trees, their crowns arching high above, with spots of sunshine flashing between the leaves. Some might also think of birdsong and in…

Running in Circles: Why Our GPS Devices Can Betray Us

undark.org - It seemed like a great idea. We were two American journalists visiting London and had a dinner party to attend. Why travel underground on the Tube when we could rent a couple of bicycles and see the …

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Editor's note

The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.


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