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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 47074 times)

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The times, they are tragic 😟

Dec 9, 2019

Today is the day that you can officially say the United States has become a Banana Republic. When the president says and is supported by his lackeys like Jordan, Meadows and Rand Paul, that it is OK to knowingly break a federal law by exposing a whistleblower. Then I believe it is impossible for those people to say they support the Constitution. We are a nation of laws. The whistleblower complaint has been verified under oath by multiple people and is no longer open to questioning the facts. It is deeply disturbing the drafter dodger president continues to slander and demean long serving ambassadors and Purple Heart awarded soldiers with no push back from veterans. Inexcusable!

Two of the president’s closest supporters have been proven to lie. Three people have now testified that they told Pompeo that the lady ambassador was being forced out, and he still said with a straight face he did not know about it. The “acting secretary of state,” Ruday Giuliani, has been revealed to have been paid more than $500,000 by a Ukrainian company for advice. He said that is OK, but not OK for Biden’s son? Beyond belief!

Hypocrisy is just part of the skill-set. Speaking of that "Libertarian™" sock-puppet, Rand Paul, that most beloved by the late and unlamented Golden Oxen, you should be aware of the following:

By Matthew Chapman December 9, 2019
On Monday, Politico reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is pushing to change congressional rules to prohibit subpoenas from committee chairmen from seeking the phone records of members of Congress, as well as those of journalists.

This comes directly after a subpoena served to AT&T revealed that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) had been covertly communicating with indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, as well as right-wing reporter John Solomon, who was responsible for disputed reports attacking former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

“Nobody should get your phone records,” said Paul in conversation with reporters. “This is a big deal, this is a huge deal.” He then warned that those reporters should be pushing back against House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), or they could be next.

Schiff has denied GOP accusations that the Intelligence Committee subpoenaed phone records for Nunes or Solomon, asserting that they were simply discovered during a narrower investigation into the phone records of Parnas specifically.

You know, these fascists have a track record of carefully studying how they got caught doing their skullduggery and taking steps to take that enforcement tool away from government. Back in the 1970's after the Church Committe uncovered much of the despicably illegal skullduggery of the CIA, the reputation and career of every politician with integrity on the Church committee was methodically destroyed. Also, steps were taken before that to make sure the process taken by the House to impeach Nixon would be severely hampered in the future (as long as the POTUS was a Republican, of course). That's where that "You cannot prosecute a sitting POTUS" bullshit came from. That's why the impeachment of Clinton NEVER alluded to "crime" per se. That's why Graham talked all that ya-yada-ya during the Clinton Impeachment about Impeachment "not being about breaking the Law". As you said, hypocrisy is an integral part of the skillset of these lying, doubletalking, fascist BASTARDS.

So, it is par for the Orwellian course for Senator Rand Paul, an inveterate crook and liar, to engage in the old fascist whack-a-mole of the lawful tools that can be used to prosecute crooks like him, Nunes, Guiliani and Trump (etc. long Trump Administration list, but you get the idea).

Right after WWII, the German fascist industrialists, who had run the cartels to build up NAZI Germany under Hitler, joined with their pals in the USA and South America (the rest of western Europe came a decade or so later into the "New Capitalist" fascist fold) to make sure they were NOT unprofitably "penalized" by the U.S. Court System for their MANY War Crimes during WWII. They KEPT their patents and strengthened the cartelization of industry, the exact opposite of what the history books say happened to Germany after WWII. They did all this through whack-a-mole (by 🎩😈 rich, influential fascist sympathisers in the USA) of inconvenient laws AND making sure the "right" people were running the chemical and oil indistries in the USA. A HUGE debt Germany had was "forgiven" by the USA while countries like Haiti, that never killed off millions of people and who's only "crime" was to fight a European power for their independence, continued to be forced to pay a debt to France (for over a CENTURY!) that should never have been imposed.

It's an old story. Orwell had their number.

The brave fellow, James Stewart Martin, who wrote the book explaining, among other things, how the fascist modus operandi works, described their total dedication to fascism with a metaphor. The metaphor applies TOTALLY to our NOW hollowed out Government Institutions. Hollowed out structures collapse without warning.

This quote from the book, "All Honorable Men", pretty much sums up WHY these SCUM enjoy such a corrosive influence on human society:

Termites are able organizers, and thoroughly attached to their way of life. The area they occupy is small in relation to the house (just the heavy underpinnings). They object vigorously to outside interference from the people who live in the other parts of the house. They object especially to structural changes, which they are bound to consider unwarranted.

They have two good reasons for objecting to changes. In the first place exposure to light and air kills them. In the second place any movement of the underpinnings ruins the whole structure of tunnels and channels which their enterprise has built within the framework of the house.

We hated to disturb them. They looked busy and enterprising. They seemed to want nothing more than a comfortable existence in accordance with their way of life.

We cleared the termites out to save the house, but I think I know how they looked at the whole matter. At the end of the Second World War I spent two and a half years in Germany dealing with some people who must think pretty much the same way. http://renewablerevolution.createaforum.com/geopolitics/key-historical-events-that-you-may-have-never-heard-of/msg12774/#msg12774

Did Boston Pro-Trump racist Libertarian stamp collecting greedball Golden Oxen really kick the bucket, or did your "late and unlamented" phraseology refer to a permanent departure by GO from the Doomstead Diner forum? ???
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:37


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