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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 53452 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 11/15
« Reply #435 on: November 15, 2019, 05:58:09 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

'A Warning': Trump Is Stupid, Crazy and Dangerous | DCReport.org

dcreport.org - At DCReport we’ve scored an advance copy of the most anticipated book of the year, “A Warning” by “Anonymous, A Senior Trump Administration Official.” This book, which goes on sale Nov. 19, is as imp…

For Trump, Yovanovitch’s testimony brings moment of reckoning on gender

washingtonpost.com - Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, arrives on Capitol Hill to testify in a closed-door session last month. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post) By Elise Viebeck close Elise Viebec…

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield his tax returns from prosecutors, setting up historic separation-of-powers showdown

washingtonpost.com - President Trump speaks to the International Association of Chiefs of Police during their annual conference in Chicago on Oct. 28, 2019. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images) By Robert Barnes and clos…

Big Pharma is Trying to Keep Its Claws in HIV Paitents | DCReport.org

dcreport.org - The Trump administration appeared this month to finally act on a campaign promise to lower drug prices by taking the maker of an HIV drug to court for violating a government patent. But as with all t…

Rudy Giuliani says Trump will stay loyal to him but jokes that he has 'insurance'

theguardian.com - Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has said he is confident the president will remain loyal to him as an impeachment inquiry unfolds in which the former New York mayor has become a centra…

Fox News Covered the Impeachment Hearings in the Fox Newsiest Way Possible

theatlantic.com - The opinion shows of Fox, in other words, reveled in their cartoonish cruelties. But the network’s self-styled purveyors of straight news engaged in the Trump-centrism, as well. The anchor Bret Baier…

Leaked State Department Memo Advised Trump Administration to Push for “Islamic Reformation”

theintercept.com - “These people are curating crap” from the far-right, anti-Muslim blogosphere, said a separate senior U.S. government official, referring to the unnamed authors of the State Department paper. (The off…

Peter Handke Won Nobel Prize After Two Jurors Fell for Conspiracy Theory

theintercept.com - This is a story about a conspiracy theory that was born in the 1990s, hibernated in obscurity for two decades, and in 2019 appears to have duped jurors into awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature to…

Voices of Dissent Fall Victim to Twitter’s Now Permanent Ban Hammer

mintpressnews.com - It’s an open secret. The deep state is working hand in hand with Silicon Valley social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to control the flow of information. That includes suppressing, ce…

Hong Kong in first recession for a decade

bbc.com - Hong Kong has entered its first recession in a decade as the territory continues to be gripped by anti-government protests. Its economy shrank 3.2% in the three months to the end of September compare…

BREAKING: The First Amendment Is Part of Something Called the Constitution | emptywheel

emptywheel.net - A couple points. 1. Whether or not one agrees with Calabresi, one can either address the 5A and 6A arguments on their merits, or not. I agree impeachment is not a criminal proceeding (even though it’…

Opinion | At hearing, Republicans carry forward Trump’s effort to make lies into truths

washingtonpost.com - Rep. Devin Nunes confers with Rep. Brad Wenstrup and Rep. Jim Jordan during a break in Wednesday's testimony. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post) By Greg Sargent close Greg Sargent Opinion writer c…

Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Military Bases Overseas? | New Eastern Outlook

journal-neo.org - Although Washington has closed a number of US military bases in recent years, the country still maintains approximately 800 military bases in over 70 countries, ranging from giant compounds to small …

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change

cnn.com - (CNN)Veneto regional council, which is located on Venice's Grand Canal, was flooded for the first time in its history on Tuesday night -- just after it rejected measures to combat climate change. The…

All Great Civilizations Fall. Is America Next?

theatlantic.com - At its height, in the year A.D. 177, the Roman Empire seemed all but invincible. It was the most expansive political and social structure in Western civilization. Then it fell, in a manner so spectac…

A remarkable video of the ever elusive snow leopard

treehugger.com - Ever wonder what it would look like to be in the maw of a snow leopard? Wonder no more. Snow leopards are just so cat. They are the coolest of felines; solitary, elusive, and reigning over tremendous…

Of Two Minds - Corporate America Is an Anti-Social Black Plague: Negative Network Effects Run Amok

oftwominds.com - The anti-social carnage unleashed by Corporate America's "lock-in" / negative network effects has no real limits. Here's the U.S.economy in a nutshell: Corporate America is an anti-social Black Plagu…

The US and Britain face no existential threat. So why do their wars go on? | Simon Jenkins

theguardian.com - Why does no one mention the war? The most militaristic, belligerent and chauvinist country I know – and also love – is the US. People fly flags from every post and see “bad guys” under every bed. Whe…

Media support for the CIA coup in Bolivia

intrepidreport.com - Without establishment media support, US planned aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and other hostile to peace, equity and justice actions wouldn’t get out of the starting gate. Propa…

Wall Street and the Frankenstein Economy

counterpunch.org - The term ‘income inequality’ suggests the inevitability of a natural process, a division of winners from losers along the lines of hair loss or disproportionate body mass that corporate researchers a…

'Every Child Born Today Will Be Profoundly Affected by Climate Change'

ecowatch.com - Pediatricians in New Delhi, India, say children's lungs are no longer pink, but black. Our warming planet is already impacting the health of the world's children and will shape the future of an entir…

Gathering in Groups as Society Falls Apart - Resilience

resilience.org - A guest blog by Vicki Robin, best-selling co-author of Your Money or Your Life, author of Blessing the Hands That Feed Us, and member of the Deep Adaptation Forum. “Everyone wants community. Unfortun…

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Editor's note

The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.


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