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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 46251 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 11/11
« Reply #420 on: November 11, 2019, 06:05:22 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs Embraced the Far Right - With Consequences to the U.S. - bellingcat

bellingcat.com - Ukraine’s President conferred with, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine partied with, known far-right figures as leaders of the country’s veterans. Additionally, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, Willi…

Day of rage plunges Hong Kong into turmoil after police shoot protester

washingtonpost.com - Riot police fire tear gas in central Hong Kong on Monday. (Kin Cheung/AP) By Anna Kam, Casey Quackenbush and Ryan Ho Kilpatrick November 11, 2019 at 4:27 AM EST HONG KONG — The shooting of a pro-demo…

“If It’s Gonna Come Out, It’s Gonna Come Out the Right Way”: Heroes of Torture Report Movie Are Lauded for Dodging Reporters

theintercept.com - “The Report” begins, like Spencer Ackerman’s 2016 rendition for The Guardian, with Jones breaking the law. Jones, played by Adam Driver, had been tasked by the Intelligence Committee with sifting thr…

Bolivia's Morales resigns after losing backing of security forces

news.yahoo.com - La Paz (AFP) - Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned Sunday, caving in following three weeks of sometimes-violent protests over his disputed re-election after the army and police withdrew their bac…

Bolivia Declares 'Total Independence' From World Bank And IMF

mintpressnews.com - Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, center, attends a ceremony honoring Pachamama, Mother Earth, at the government palace in La Paz, Bolivia. (AP/Juan Karita) Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has been hi…

Two Years On, Bolivia's President Says No Regrets Over Expelling DEA

mintpressnews.com - Bolivia’s President Evo, cnter, attends a ritual ceremony honoring Pachamama, Mother Earth, at the government palace in La Paz, Bolivia. (A/Juan Karita) President Evo Morales recalled today that the …

Nikki Haley Throws Ex-Trump Officials Under Her Tentative 2024 Campaign Bus

nymag.com - The self-serving genre of Trump administration officials writing books or dancing with stars in order to reframe their time in the White House will gain its most self-serving entry to date on Tuesday…

Facebook Takes Down Breitbart Posts That Claimed to Name Whistle-Blower

nytimes.com - Breitbart’s violation of Facebook’s standards soon after Facebook endorsed it highlights the perils of the social media network’s plan to become a credible news source. Last month, Facebook announced…

Of Science, Fear, and Nuclear Radiation

undark.org - For Andrew Maidment, the chief of physics for the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, it was one of the oddest phone calls he’d ever received. “A woman called me up once,” he r…

A world on fire: Here are all the major protests happening around the globe right now

businessinsider.com - In addition to Dutch farmers, French farmers are also angry with their country's agricultural policy. Farmers held a second mass demonstration on Tuesday, following an October 8 demonstration that fi…

Ants, Humans, and the Lessons of War

undark.org - Look closely enough, and you’ll find that modern societies resemble those of certain ants much more than our nearest relatives, the chimpanzee and bonobo. No chimp has to create highways, traffic rul…

The Nigerian Activist Whose Death Shamed Shell

jacobinmag.com - Born in 1941, Ken Saro-Wiwa came of age as Nigeria gained independence and became a lifelong advocate for the importance of minority rights within a unified national identity. A member of the Ogoni e…

All of America’s 607 Billionaires Must Run for President

theintercept.com - With Michael Bloomberg, the 9th richest man on earth, apparently running for president, Americans are asking themselves some tough questions. Like, why did we ever allow non-billionaires to run for t…

The Next Privacy War Will Happen in Our Homes

medium.com - But an add-on that stems the flow of data is almost literally a band-aid solution. Once Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri morph from standalone pieces of technology that sit on our tables or counters …

The Surge: U.S. DOJ And Trump To Further Militarize Police -- $600 Billion In Equipment

activistpost.com - U.S. President Donald Trump is using his executive order signed in 2017 to expand the militarized police forces across the nation in preparation to launch a sweeping crackdown on crime that Trump ref…

This Entire Article Was Written by an AI (Open AI GPT2) | Lionbridge AI

lionbridge.ai - Disclaimer: The following content was generated by OpenAI’s GPT-2. All headlines are prompts fed to the system. While some of the information presented in this article may be true, none of the facts …

Fresh fetish or future? Sex robots give boot to human prostitutes at Swiss brothel, charging half the price

rt.com - The beautiful and civilized Swiss city of Lucerne is renowned for its setting below snow-capped mountain peaks on the banks of Lake Lucerne, with its medieval architecture, picturesque Altstadt (Old …

Opinion | How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong

nytimes.com - And it was Dr. Broecker who, in 1975, the same year as that National Academies report playing down the Younger Dryas, published a paper, titled “Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced G…

PBS, televise the impeachment hearings for all to see

intrepidreport.com - The House of Representatives has announced that public hearings in the impeachment inquiry will begin on Wednesday, November 13. We believe that for the sake of the nation, public television should n…

Is the run on the dollar due to panic or greed?

intrepidreport.com - What’s going on in the repo market? Rates on repurchase agreements (“repo”) should be around 2%, in line with the fed funds rate. But they shot up to over 5% on September 16 and got as high as 10% on…

The Senseless Death of Deadspin

nymag.com - Offside Tavern in Chelsea was crowded for game seven of the World Series, but bartender Nick Costa noticed a group of patrons who seemed strangely “low energy” during the game. “There were a lot of p…

A new disease Big Meat doesn’t want you to know about

intrepidreport.com - Have you ever heard of African swine fever (ASF) caused by the African swine fever virus (ASFV)? A fourth of the world’s pigs have died from it just this year—half of all of China’s pigs—but like pre…

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Editor's note

The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.


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