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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 39842 times)

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👍 Surly,
That is an ineresting article you posted covering the Intelligencer interview with Steve Schmidt. I read it carefully. Steve Schmidt clearly understands the Trumpism problem destroying the fabric of American society and government.

My perspective is that the Republican Party is profoundly corrupted by Donald Trump and it has been corrupted by a tolerance for all and any type of amoral and immoral behavior. Tolerance for astounding levels of corruption and exposure of hypocrisy from the religious far-right leaders like Falwell, to everybody who screamed and shouted about some perfidious act that Obama or the Clintons allegedly committed. Trump has remade the Republican Party into an isolationist, grievance-driven, resentment-driven political party. The party looks like what it might have looked like if George Wallace had captured its nomination and become president. But nobody should underestimate Trump’s capacity to destroy the Democratic Party as an institution.

In the above paragraph, though Schmidt, being a staunch CAPITALIST, will not admit it, is the correct underlying premise that the REASON Trump has the very real capacity to destroy the Democratic Party as an institution, is that the Democratic Party LEADERSHIP is ALSO guilty of bought and paid for tolerance for all and any type of amoral and immoral behavior.

IOW, while accurately defining the situation, Schmidt fails to see that the solution lies in the wholesale rejection of bought and paid for tolerance for all and any type of amoral and immoral behavior.

The "Capitalism good, Socialism bad" erroneous assumption Schmidt has of the world view of most of the American electorate is what causes him to give Mr. Trump and his wrecking crew more persuasive power than they actually have to influence voters. Schmidt thinks the MONEY "advantage" that Trump has is the main factor. Again, that is a failing based on the "Money is IT" flawed Capitalist world view.

Consequently, Schmidt views the 2020 election like a "close" horse race between the Democratic Candidate and Trump.

He is wrong.

I'm going to tell you right now that Trump will NOT "serve" (a verb that never did apply to Trump - he never serves anybody but himself) a second term. And yeah, as trite and naive as it sounds, the reason he is going away is BECAUSE the overwhelming majority of the American voting public have realized, with no room for doubt whatsoever, that our government, like the GOP, has been profoundly corrupted by Donald Trump's EMBRACE, never mind "tolerance", for all and any type of amoral and immoral behavior.

Yeah, the leadership at the Democratic Party (DLC) does not get that. That is why Sanders has a much higher chance of being their candidate than they realize. The DLC, like Schmidt, ALSO cannot see past their "Money is IT" flawed Capitalist world view.

All that said, the Republicans are not totally blind to the threat from a public that polls positively on any and all expansions of U.S. "socialist" programs. They know their Orange Fascist 🦀 Hero is on the ropes. So, knowing Trump cannot win fairly, their mens rea modus operandi will be in-our-faces voter suppression like nothing this country has ever seen before.

THAT is not going to work either!

Yes, they also have a plan for that eventuality: Trump will cancel the election with an executive order based on "National Security"...

And then Trump will be forced to leave. The uproar will be so massive that he will have no choice. He will NOT be able to "walk it back". He will be unceremoniously escorted out of the White House and taken to a "secure location" (i.e. imprisoned with ZERO access to outside communication) pending the final vote count.

ANY Supreme Court Fascist that tries to protest will be quietly read the "we will impeach your ass PRONTO if you do not STFU NOW" riot act by some Congressional heavies.

Wishful thinking? That's what Schmidt thinks. Like I said before, he is wrong.

He forgot that DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST Sanders would have beat Trump in a LANDSLIDE in 2016, had the DLC not rigged the nomination for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He forgot that Trump got people to vote for him MOSTLY because they believed his LIES about DEFENDING "SOCIALIST" PROGRAMS like Medicare, Social Security AND Unemployment Compensation. Trump, instead of "draining the corruption based swamp", as he promised, has put it on steroids.

The people HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN WHO LIED TO THEM. All the ads on Fox News and Facebook claiming otherwise will not change the day to day GUTTED Government SAFETY NET SOCIAL PROGRAMS REALITY those people, thanks to Trump doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he promised, are cruelly forced to live with so Trump can further enrich himself and his swamp critter 1% greedball pals.

Trump would NOT have "won" with just the racist (and evangelical, but I repeat myself) voters. In addition to the Russian successful election rigging fun and games, Schmidt forgets that the DLC GAVE TRUMP THAT ELECTION!
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