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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 39885 times)

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September 11, 2019

Authored by Danielle DiMartino Booth via Quill Intelligence

"The Helplessness I Felt Was Matched Only By The Silence That Followed" - Never Forget 9/11

Agelbert NOTE: TPTB rolled out there annual exercise in tear jerking, bold faced BULLSHIT about "never forgetting" 9/11. The Propaganda piece was actually about 😈 making sure the American public NEVER REMEMBERS how utterly OBVIOUS it was, and still is, that the beneficiaries of 9/11 were the SAME PNAC (see: "New" Pearl Harbor) Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, neocon Mossad False Flag Attack BASTARDS who, with malice aforethought, planned 9/11, executed 9/11 and subsequently covered up evidence of pre-planted explosives that demolished three WTC buildings on 9/11.   

Most of the comments on ZH made it crystal clear that the American public no longer falls for that "19 Ayrabs did it" CRAP. Good!

Aluminum clad airplanes with a few gallons of fuel break and melt the 1360 ft tall steel pillars on the twin towers and turn the cement into powder. WOW!   Why does the military need missiles with super explosives when they could use inexpensive drones and some jet fuel.

Exactly  why we don't need Hypersonic Missiles. We have American Airlines!

Giant Meteor
Yes, this is what one gets when mixing an MBA in finance, with a journalism degree .. Heavenly bodies and masters of the universe,  all rolled up into one .

Ben A Drill
When I watched that nightmare,I believed every bit of it.  Now, not even close. 

Who could have believed our own government would do such a thing?

When the towers went down at freefall speed, at a deep level, under the horror, I said "WTF?"  When Bldg 7 went down I said: "No ******* Way!"

It took me a bit longer to sort it out. Thats on me for letting my own bias cloud my judgements. Its been a long road getting over them. Even now I still want to be able to trust people when I shouldnt. Just this year I let my trusting nature almost get the better of me.

Aluminum planes cutting through 5" of structural steel?

If you throw a beer can at hammer at 500mph, it WILL NOT penetrate the hammer.

Ms No
Do you ever have a day where you just wake up and are shocked at the three ring horror shitshow that we live under, as if you forgot to notice for a bit and then it slapped you in the face? I had that yesterday.

This is some scary **** and its like body snatchers out there. Pat yourself on the back for knowing whats going on, keeping your cool and being sane at all, because this **** is a horror. Most cant even look at reality because they cant handle it psychologically, like maybe this author.

I think this author gets paid to push drivel.

Ms No
Thats more likely in this case. Palm licking, virtue signalling, fake media...

Giant Meteor
I actually feel sorry for her, but not for the reasons she attempts to lay down here .. but her piece does gives an extreme crystalization of exactly how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes .. to my way of thinking, none better ..

It is sad ..

The USA has two staunch allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

They both took one for the team.

There was no seismic signal other than rebound. Nothing other than dust hit the ground.

The empirical evidence must guide us, no matter where it leads.

Whats really a stunner is how many in our government went right along with it for their regular paychecks. All 50 State AGs. Everyone in law enforcement. The whole msm was reading from prepared scripts as it unfolded. They all had the harley guys line word for word.

 Yes folks they sold out humanity for a paycheck.

 That said. We will need to barter for justice.

Deep Snorkeler
**** Cheney's Quotes

"if this was a democracy voters would count for something"

"the Pentagon is still looking for the $3 trillion they lost"

"what's good for Halliburton is good for America"

"taxpayers must realize it's not all fun and games"

Take the red pill, Danielle.

Either you’re too traumatized by the events of 9/11 to face the facts of what really happened, or you’re too ingrained in the state/media narrative to question it.

Elements of the state apparatus in usa, Israel, and Saudi Arabia perpetrated 9/11

it was a false flag, a psy-op against the American people, a gold heist, an insurance scam, and an insider trading bonanza.

911 Truth!  The official story is a fairy tale.
"We are a People of Amazing Grace who have not permitted the passage of time to besmirch the price paid by 2,977 patriots 18 years ago today."

Getting killed isn't patriotic.

small axe
written by the NSA tear-jerk algo? Or maybe the jerk-off algo.

if I get to heaven and there's a trading floor, I'm going to puke.

Zeuskiy Babarusky
Anyone here know who shorted American Airlines' stock like two or three days before 9/11. It seems to be pretty commonly known that it happened, but finding anyone who can do more than only speculate, who it was who shorted AA stocks is evasive. I know Jim Rickards, and probably many others, have videos and writings that mention the shorting, but nobody ever has come out so say who it was. It was someone who had information it was going to happen, how it would happen, and a pretty large sum of money, that much is assured.

No doubt all the big fish in the know gave their money to a broker and had him short the stock. The broker was later found shot "33" times, and declared a suicide by the ME, who coincidentally died in a tragic auto crash the next day.

Giant Meteor
Sounds about right ..

I'm afraid the evidence went up in smoke ..

Those two towers and three big smoking holes, covered a multitude of sins ..

WTC 7 collapse helped literally bury most financial records of Enron.

The Goy Wonder
Don't forget the Pentagon being hit right in the office where investigation to all that lost money was going on.

But that's just pure coincidence...

Great day again for Israel: ready to further steal land with impunity with the Zionists ruling as they did then in 2001.

They have shown they can do whatever they like: 9/11; Mossad ruled as they did with JFK. Dare say it and you will be treated like you were anti-Semitic or some such slur. They won and still are winning all the time and there is nobody who can stop them. EVery POTUS will play their game while pretending to fight this "Deep State". They win by deception and have Trump on their side.

Who "aimed" the planes at the buildings again?  Why did they do it? 

Ignoring the motive for this is self fagellation at best, **** at worse.


What the ****??

You mean shady trading firms like Cantor Fitzgerald?

Take your Angels and Heaven's trading floors and shove them up your ***. I didn't know they had trading firms in Heaven.

How about remembering the three million dead Vietnamese who the U.S. killed, after creating it's own war in Southeast Asia (started after interfering with the Geneva Agreement of 1954: An internationally brokered agreement to settle Vietnam's sovereignty using a political process).

Not to mention 100,000's of firebombed Japanese, etc., etc.
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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