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Author Topic: Species Population Biomass effects on the Biosphere  (Read 1156 times)

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Re: Species Population Biomass effects on the Biosphere
« on: August 05, 2017, 03:51:42 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: NBL is an abbreviation for 'Nature Bats Last", a web site by scientist Guy McPherson.

Hello Folks. I hope all are well.

Am i the only person on this forum who is a NBL fan?
I listen to Guy's talks, hear the evidence as he presents it, and hope to hell he is wrong. Trouble is every time I try and investigate and look for facts I come to similar conclusions: Were ****!

I dont think NBL is promoting nihalism by telling what he belives is the truth. I really do hope Guy is wrong, even though I fear what he says is real, and I do what I can to mitigate the situation and be what I consider a good moral and ethical human being. (Note: I said what I consider not what other tell me I must do!) 

The acceptance thing on NBL is interesting. I dont accept my own demise ever though I rationally know I am a mere mortal. I really picture myself as an RE like immortal Demi-god who will live forever in Valhalla! (Cue Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries and sweeping shot of me flying off into the sunset on the back of a white winged unicorn brandishing a sword.. And perhaps a glass of Merlot in the other hand  if you want to have some authenticity:)

It is hard as a parent to even contemplate the premature demise of my children, even though I know they are going to face hardships me and my parents did not; after all this is the whole modus operandi of the Doomstead Diner: We are comingto the end of the current industrial civilisation and all its perks.... Including Merlot! Damn.

Some of NBL ideas I agree with:
1. We are all going to die. Nothing new or controversial in that statement.
2. We are all going to die soon. Nope, still nothing new. If I live to 100 its still not that far off in geological time frames.
3. We are screwing up the environment. Hmm, pretty obvious here in Oz, let alone what I saw last time I was in mid west Merika we are screwing up the environment and destroying habitat.
4. Screwing up the environment is going to lead to people dying. Happening now. Plenty of foods, fires, droughts and famines. Wait until we see an ice free arctic and lets see what effect this has on Northern Hemisphere weather patterns and food production....
5. If we screw up the environment enough it can and will lead to human extinction. Just a matter of how much we screw it up.

Guy just asserts we have got to the last step already. I fear we have too, but am working on the premise that we haven't, mainly through denial, and the perhaps futile belief I can make a difference for the next generation. After all I did actually bring some of them into the world and I believe I have a moral obligations to try and see them survive.
I did enjoyed the Mad Max movies, but would prefer if I could actually avoid the scenarios in real life... (Watch the first one, it is actually the best IMHO, and a lot of the scenes were filmed not far from where I live. Also a  Ford 1977 XB Falcon was my first car, although it was not a V8 or a 2 doorlike those that appear in the film.)

Geo- Engineering is about as logical as a Mars settlements as an answer to the habitat problem we will face.
If we cant live sustainably on a planet we are tailor made for  how the **** are we going to live in an alien hostile environment!

Geo-engineering i the cause of our problems not the cure...

Clean coal, or indeed clean energy is an oxy-moron. Solar panels don't spontaneously assembly in virgin forests...

Guns and Span wont save humanity either for all you survivalist types. Just leads to holes and constipation in lots of dying people.

The way I see it we really only have 2 possible options:

1. Pain followed by death.
2. Pain followed by death sooner.

Why sweat the details.

Now where did I leave that bottle..


There was time most of us were NBL fans, or at least a fan of Guy and what trying to get across in his writing and speeches. The real issue became the tone of the angry people who sought out the blog and used the comments section there to promote hating the human race. Mostly pissed-off burnouts from various environmental movements and animal rights groups who gathered daily to viciously attack well-meaning people who dropped by the blog to weigh in Guy's posts. I haven't checked out NBL in many months, maybe a year or two now.

I have exactly the same POV on NBL as Dr. Geoffrey Chia, whom RE cross-posts from time to time. Collapse is something to be planned for and anticipated, so that you can weather the vicissitudes of the coming storms.


I post videos of Guy from time to time. He makes a lot of sense, but his narrative is extremely conflicted. He is rather impatient with those who question his extinction box canyon assumptions, only to turn around and talk of "love" and "living the day". His insistance that he was born to be a "teacher" comes off as rather arrogant, considering that he now continuously advocates "humility". He is NOT open to being TAUGHT by ANYONE who doesn't possess the same University Credentials that he severely criticizes as belonging to mostly the bought and paid for cowardly set of scientists and academics out there.

Guy, the "boy genious" was TOTALLY unaware, by his own admission, that the U.S. Gooberment was assigning fawning pseudo-intellectual spies to his classes to gain his confidence and track his every move in order to undermine the validity of his excellent (anarchist = radical = root of proper living) teaching style.

WHY WAS THAT? BECAUSE GUY IS SO FULL OF HIMSELF that he was, and probably still is, a sucker for fawning con artists.

At NO TIME has he appeared, beyond lip service, to BEHAVE as if he possesses any new found humility. So, he has an arrogance problem. Sure, he will self deprecatingly talk about how long it took for him to learn to milk goats and how hard it is for him to grow plants and such in a display of humility, but he cannot seem to give a talk without parading the fact that he earned his full professorial credentials at a young age.

I enjoy listening to his dissertations on climate feedback loops and the in-your-face wishful thinking stupidity of many scientists. He is 100% right on both those issues. But his personal life is testament, though he vociferously denies it, to a man embittered because the establisment turned against the worthy and erudite Guy McPherson.

If you do not see that as a highly conflicted message, I suggest you look a bit deeper.  8)
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:37


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