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Author Topic: History of Petition to Rid the Planet of Dirty Energy through 100% Renewables  (Read 2565 times)

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Look at this picture WORTH A LOT MORE THAN A THOUSAND "WORDS" (i.e. millions of cancers, severe pollution, biosphere degradation and billions of dollars in DIRTY "profits from WE-THE-PEOPLE):


Progress on: Petition to Demand a WORLD WAR TWO STYLE MASSIVE, ALL OUT EFFORT to transition to 100% Renewable Energy within a DECADEMrs. Louise Christoffersen, QC Jul 25, 00:29 # 331
This is a major issue for the whole planet and we all need to take action right now. What's happening in my province (La belle province...) is the complete opposite. There will be a major oil drilling on l'Île d'Anticosti which is a natural reserve (Gulf of the St-Lawrence), the Transcanada pipeline that will cross the province and a maritime terminal in Cacouna (St-Lawrence river) for tankers and fracking in many parts of the province. Whatever the protests, citizens, city and municipal authorities, résidents, First Nations, Greenpeace, the Suzuki Foundation, etc. The Harper gov. keeps signing... $$$. Our former provincial government had bought back l'Île d'Anticosti to preserve it from being exploited and to give it the status of a protected land. She was not to sign yet for all the rest until studies would proove the safety of all the other exploitations. She was more environment oriented. But since the last elections, the new provincial government is only thinking business. We will continue to stand against it. We have a lot of hydro-electricity which is "almost" clean, but not quite. I believe in solar energy, wind and even free energy. (Tesla). But that would shake the whole economy as we know it and would not please the ones who benefit from the oïl and gas industry. They would just have to opt for other professions, with new values. I know it can be done. The more of us who speak up, and put it in action, the more it will happen.

Mr. Ron McCullough, TN  Jul 18, 19:51 # 304
We as a nation have to free ourselves from the tyranny and boundless greed of the fossil fuel oligarchs that keep us in the Dark Ages of renewable energy. How is it good governance to destroy the Earth for short term gains for the 1%? It's not. It's the result of corruption and cowardice of elected officials and it must stop!

Mr. Troy Kilbourne, MN  Jul 18, 18:48 # 303
A "Manhattan Project" for renewable energy is, I believe, the only thing that can reverse our course towards catastrophic climate change. We did it back then, and we can do it now.

Mr. Stephen Spaulding, NH  Jul 17, 06:00 # 302
The fossil fuel industry knows its stranglehold on us inevitably has to end. It's feverishly trying every way it can to lock us into dependence for another half-century. We cannot allow this to happen.

Ms. Jean Elliott, IL Jul 16, 09:44 # 300
This is an emergency. Climate and pollution disasters loom unless we get off fossil fuels.
Please sign this petition. The Biosphere you save will be your own.
Here is the link to the petition:  http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Ai3Tb 

Please Pass it on. People NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

It’s Official: USA is #1 at Climate Change Denial


An intelligent comment by Gene J. on the above article
Nothing about this issue and our denial of the evidence accruing every day before our eyes surprises me.
The money the 1% throw at this issue virtually guarantees many fools will have questions. The evidence, scientific evidence, is out there, available and unassailable - yet the republican party and its masters continue to value money over life.
Make no mistake that is what this is about. We change or we die. A mass extinction event making this planet uninhabitable for oxygen based life forms is coming, it may be a century or so before the full effects are seen, but the precursors are already here. But those who value money over human life think that because they will not be inconvenienced, it matters not.
These are the most selfish people in human history, they don't care at all about what their own heirs will face, they know they won't face it themselves and they don't care about anyone else, not even their own grandchildren.
They make me sick. Literally, because the foul effects of climate change are already affecting daily life with the ever increasing super storms, the incredible disruption in our oceans, the deteriorating quality of our air and the countless new and old diseases are children are already suffering from.
None of that matters as much as piling up money to them. Nothing will change until the people rise up.
But even that, I fear, is too little, too late at this point. We've done the damage, now we'll have to deal with the carnage to come.
I do not believe in hell, but there are times I wish I did. Because people like this deserve a special seat next to the fire for the hell they are creating for the generations to come who will live through the results of our stupidity now, until life ceases on this planet while it takes 50,000 or so years to cleanse itself of our presence. I just hope the next sentient species to arise can read, and believe, what the fossil record will tell them about how stupid we really were so that they do not repeat our mistakes.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/its-official-usa-is-1-at-climate-change-denial.html#ixzz38Vjj5xsi

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