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Author Topic: Future Earth  (Read 19657 times)

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Re: Future Earth
« Reply #180 on: May 01, 2016, 10:23:11 pm »
After numerous tweaks and revisions, I finally have my Tombstone design basically complete.  I may add some more text or other features, but the basic structure and inscribed designs are now in place.

The Tombstone comes in 4 parts, a Yellow Granite Pedestal cut as a flat inward angled Hexagon, a Black Granite Capstone cut as a Tetrahedron, a Machined Aluminum Cylinder Faraday Cage that fits in the Pedestal Base, and a Machined Aluminum Sphere that fits in the Capstone.  Both are hollow and machined to screw together in 2 parts, Water and Air Tight.

Here is the Assembly Diagram for the RE Tombstone:

[smg id=3487 type=preview align=center caption="RE Tombstone Assembly"]

Each of the faces of the Tetrahedron that are exposed have important Geometric and Astronomical  information inscribed on the faces.  Each side of the Pedestal has 1 of 6 Commandments engraved on it.  The Upper Face also has reference angle lines inscribed for use as a Sun Dial.  The whole arrangement needs to be oriented so it is level and the back tetrahedral edge faces towards True North, at least if the Tombstone is in the Northern Hemisphere which is most likely.

South Face

This face has the Octagonal SUN☼ Symbol, "RE" at the top and then Astronomical Charts of my Birth Date and Death Date as a Corporeal Homo Sap in this iteration at the bottom. Each of the SUN☼ "rays" is a Golden Rectangle. The Commandments on the Pedestal visible from this perspective are

"Save As Many As You Can"
"Money is the Root of All Evil"

[smg id=3488 type=preview align=center caption="RE Tombstone Front"]

North-East Face

Viewed from 60 degrees NE, the face features a Pentagram engraved to show the Golden Ratio, φ = (1 + √5) / 2 ≈ 1.618
The Commandments visible from this perspective are:

"Greed is Punishable by Death"
"The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few"

[smg id=3489 type=preview align=center caption="RE Tombstone Back Right"]

North-West Face

Viewed from 60 degrees NW, the face features a Golden Rectangle inscribed, which also demonstrates the Golden Ratio φ = (1 + √5) / 2 ≈ 1.618.  There is still a lot of Blank Canvas on this face, so I will probably add something.  Probably a Codex of some sort for future Alien Historian-Archaeologists to be able to decode the information.  The Commandments visible from this perspective are:

"You can only use Energy that is replenished Daily by the SUN"
"You are Personally Responsible as a Steward of the Earth

[smg id=3490 type=preview align=center caption="RE Tombstone Back Left"]

Inside the 2 Faraday Cages I will have 128GB Memory Chips with everything I ever wrote that I still have a record of, as well as all the Audio & Video recordings.  They will also contain Micro Computers capable of reading these chips with small display screens.  There will be diagrams to show how to make a small battery to run them on around 5V.  Also Locks of my Hair  :icon_sunny: encased in Polyurethane to preserve my DNA.  Also Text on Paper in case that system craps out, although that of course will be limited to around Biblical Length.

In order to preserve everything inside the Faraday Cages, when they are sealed there will be Oxygen Absorbers to prevent oxidation of the materials inside.

Absolute Size and Materials here are still a ???.  Having the Stones cut as I would like with the close tolerances necessary for everything to fit together correctly may be prohibitively expensive, same with having Machined Aluminum Faraday Cage Sphere & Cylinder custom cut.  Going on the Cheap, it will have to be done using Basalt Reinforced Concrete for the Pedestal & Capstone, and stock metal containers like Aluminum or Stainless Steel Water Bottles for the Faraday Cages.  Utilizing the latter method with Portland Cement, I think I can do this for $2000 or so.  Having the Granite Stones cut this way, probably $20K.  Depends what funds are available when I buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond.

OK, now that I have this done, I'm sure many of you Diners find the GARGANTUAN EGO that would come up with something like this to be repulsive.  :icon_sunny:  However, most people do want a to have a Stone memorializing their life and a Plot to Rest for all Eternity, the whole Cemetery Bizness is built around that.  All I did was to take the whole idea to its Logical Conclusion, given current technology anyhow.

Will I actually build this Tombstone?  WTF Knows?  However, it was a GREAT exercise in learning how to use Sketchup!  I'm getting pretty good with it now, which is good because so far I can't get my old Simply 3D program to run on any of the computers I still have working.  I'm also due to lose the Full Sketchup Pro features in about 7 days, and will only have Sketchup Make (Google's Free Version) to work with.  That means losing access to the library of pre-designed components that make it a lot easier to draw something up in 3D.  However, there is just NO WAY I am going to fork over around $700 to Google for a license for Sketchup Pro.  That Dog Just Won't Hunt.


I like it. Your messages are CFS (Common F'n Sense  ;D) that need to be remembered, respected and lived, if we humans are to have any future whatsoever.   

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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