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Forum > Catastrophic Climate Change

Apocalyptic Humor

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Surly,  remember that Futilitist character about a year and a half ago on the DD? What a depressing fellow. But perhaps he was more of a realist than I am.  :P


Jelly fish speaks:
"If it wasn't for those cursed Chinese who have been eating us for about 1,700 years or so, I's say you humans are TOAST! We were here before DINOSAURS and we'll be here when YOU HOMO SAPS ARE GONE! (except for maybe those dad gum Chinese!  >:()".   

The Black Sea is home to more than 1 billion tons (907 billion kg) of jellyfish.

The Black Sea, an inland sea located between Asia and Europe, is often referred to as the jellyfish capital of the world because there are an estimated 1 billion tons (907 billion kg) of jellyfish living in its waters. At one point in the 1990s, the Black Sea contained the equivalent of more than 10 times the weight of all of the fish caught in the world each year. Jellyfish are not native to the Black Sea and are thought to have been inadvertently introduced there by a ship in 1982. After the introduction of the jellyfish into the Black Sea, the supply of fish that are caught for food — such as mackerel, anchovies and sturgeon — declined rapidly in the surrounding areas and affected the economies of
countries such as Romania and Georgia.

More about jellyfish:

•Jellyfish are able to double in size each day by eating 10 times their body weight in food. (Agelbert NOTE: That's as fast as DUCKWEED! Jellyfish are one of the main sources of food for sea turtles so, unless homo sap kills them off, sea turtles will NOT EVAH run out of food.)

•The Chinese have been eating jellyfish for at least 1,700 years, according to ancient texts.
Agelbert Note: And the CHINESE won't EVAH run out of food either!

•The jellyfish is thought to have appeared three times as many years ago as the first dinosaurs.

Read More:


"It's just a ride."  Bill Hicks   




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