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Author Topic: Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next.  (Read 2521 times)

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Psalm 15 is not Optional for Ethical Humans
« on: May 09, 2020, 05:37:17 pm »
I'm quite sure I do not take your point. Perhaps I am slow.

First of all, I don't understand what your extended rant/comment has to do with the article I posted. This is your page and you can rant wherever and whenever you want, but it seems a non-sequitur at best to me.

Secondly, when you say, "There is a type of person FAR more dangerous to human society than a low IQ uneducated white supremacist racist pseudo-christian right winger; it's a high IQ peer reviewed biology research scientist that gullible people respect and admire," you give aid and succor to the people who want you dead. While your pictures as regards animal testing are well made, it is easy to dismiss scientific expertise with an airy, "my feelings are just as good as your hard-won knowledge."

The war on expertise is real and waged every day by the bum in the White House and his minions who, in the words of Steve Bannon, "flood the zone with ."


So, now you equate me with TRUMPERS and PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN FASCIST BANNON!!!?

Those animal torture and killing in the name "science" pictures did not have JACK to do with "feelings"; They had to do EXCLUSIVELY with morally bankrupt ideology reaping facts.

Look in the mirror if you want see somebody flooding the zone with HYPERBOLIC .

The second argument you just made is right there with your routine election year shame and blame herding/demonization of anyone who votes their consciense in lieu of "the Democratic Party lesser evil". That legerdemain is as morally bankrupt as the one you use to pretend cruel experimentation on animals is "justified" because some God Damned "scientist" you honor and respect does it.

Your pretense that my reaction to your concern troll article listing, among other subjects of police state interest, ATTACKS ON "TRUST AND TRUTH", is a "non sequiter" is telling. You really cannot wrap your "high IQ and educated = ethical" mind around the FACT that a government founded on "Might equals Right" ideology is, BECAUSE of its Unethical Darwinian ROOTS, a CONTINUOUS ATTACK on TRUST and TRUTH. What they are REALLY worried about is being exposed as ENEMIES of TRUTH, not worthy of ANY of we-the-people's TRUST because they LIE CONTINUOUSLY TO RETAIN POWER! Hence the virtue signalling disingenuous hand wringing about "attacks on trust and truth". You pretend you don't know what I'm getting my drawers in a bunch about. Well, I maintain that your article included a clever concern troll backdoor demonization of anyone with the temerity to criticize the "irrefutably science based social value" of Darwinain theory as applied, not just to "science", but "realpolitik" and other ethics free "practical going with the flow" areas that "sophisticated intellectuals" rationally embrace for the "good" of humanity. Maybe you think that taking Psalm 15 to heart is "giving aid and succur to Fascists", but you will never convince me of that.

YOU are the one giving aid and succur to the people that want people like ME dead, even if they may be quite happy keeping you alive for a while. You are a practical fellow, I'll give you that.

Survival of the "fittest", RIGHT? Your definition of what is "ethical" and what is "unethical" is a cherry picker's paradise. Take a bow. You are on the Pottery Barn Ethics Trashing Dream Team. Situational "ethics" are, of course, "justified" by Darwinian theory.       

Thanks for reminding me that this is my forum. I got YOUR MESSAGE loud and clear. THAT IS, you would have placed me under moderation or deleted my post if I had been so "ad hominem disrespectful" to you or your pals at the Doomstead Diner.

You aren't slow, you are ideologically compromised (i.e. in an "Enlightened Voltairian" sort of way) by your embrace of the Darwinian Theory pseudo-scientific paradigm that you honestly believe is helping the human race. Therefore, you will never accept anything I say on this matter as credible, to the point of rushing to mock and disdain anything I say as that of an "ignoramus". My studied opinion that your feelings of intellectual and moral superiority are, not merely unjustified, but irrational in the extreme, impress you like water off a Darwinan duck.

That explains, among other things, why you probably continue to believe that Eddie, the enthusiastic Darwin defending Dentist, despite his serial vitriol and inexcusable ad hominem directed at me and my "Trailer Trash Jesus" Christian world view, is a person of "respect and integrity". I get it, bro.

According to a post you made years ago, you were, or still are, an elder in a Church that I assumed follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. You did say a long time ago that you believed in God. However, if I understand your world view correctly, your theism includes within it the requirement that said theism not interfere with "science". I know exactly what Jesus Christ would say about "animal models". I think you do too, but do not find the views of Jesus Christ relevant to "science". IOW, you do not give a . While it is true that the racist right wing pseudo-christian fundys slap the "I am a Christian" label on them, for you to pretend the teachings of Jesus Christ are not relevent, 24/7 to YOUR LIFE, is a fool's errand. If you want to pretend otherwise, you are fooling only yourself.

If you don't like what I post, fine. I continue to assert that YOUR "cost benefit analysis" of this Darwinian "science" CRAP is morally BANKRUPT. Whether you want to face that now or not, you can COUNT on facing it within seconds after you leave this planet. If you think I am full of fundy , that is your prerogative. I'm not your boss, but God is THE Boss.

However, please remember that I left The Doomstead Diner precisely because I grew tired of this type of back and forth. Let me make myself clear. Whether in the form of snark, mockery, sarcasm, concern troll condescension or arrogant, airy superiority through the fallacious debating technique of an appeal to authority, I don't want to read, in this forum, any more backdoor or front door attacks by you or anybody else on my view that Darwinian Theory is immoral, reprehensible, unscientific and socially destructive in the extreme. If you have judged me and found me lacking in reality based reason to the point that you want nothing to do with me or this tiny, insignificant forum, the door is in the same place it was when you came in. God Bless you, brother. You are free to go or stay anytime it suits your fancy. I will never put you in moderation or take your Admin status from you. I will die right here with you still as a fellow Admin, whether you post here or not. You can even downgrade me from Admin and put me on moderation if you like. I'll leave permanently if you do that, of course. If you don't listen to my request, I will have to start deleting any post that defends Darwinian bullshit, no matter how cleverly phrased. At that point you would get miffed and start deleting mine. That would be really problematic and counterproductive, so listen to reason and CUT THE SH!T. The following is a copy of a post you made in "Comic Relief" that I politely called bullshit on in my resposne. I do not want to see that type of post here any longer. I will not respond to that type of post again. I post here to educate, not to argue. But, I do not need this forum.

Study 4+ years for a degree.
Study 4+ more for a PhD or MD.
Join a lab and start working.
Spend years studying the problem.
Form hypothesis and gather evidence.
Test hypothesis and form conclusions.
Report findings and have it peer reviewed.
Publish the findings and have it reported in the press.

Guy on YouTube: "Bullshit."
I don't know what that was all about, and I don't know who the guy on YouTube was or what, specifically, he criticized. However, I see nothing humerous about the appeal to authority fallacious debating technique displayed above. It is a rather obvious attempt to classify anyone criticizing a scientist as someone who does not understand any science and operates on whim and ignorance. IOW, the above is a thoroughly UNSCIENTIFIC cheap shot that has a germ of truth in it, only if you apply it to propagandist emotional button pushers for profit (e.g. Alex Jones). To apply it accross the board to everyone out there is an example of ivory tower arrogance in the extreme, as well as being factually incorrect, it being that when one of their own steps outside the NOMENKLATURA required "peer reviewed" Dogma, they get locked out of the club. Nobel Prize Winner Biochemist Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction to identify virus presence) technique, was ostracized for calling bullshit on some unscientific assumptions labelled as HIV "science". He was NOT allowed to publish papers afterwards, even though he was MORE QUALIFIED to write and publish scientific study papers than the peer reviewers locking him out. That is NOT an "isolated example". 

Calling bullshit on bad science is, according to the above cheap shot, unscientific and worthy of disdain IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SCIENTIFIC NOMENKLATURA. Of course, who are we underedumacated lower life forms with zero peer reviewer credibility to question such loyal servants, the evolutionary apex of Homo sapiens, the pinnacle evolution, populating those hallowed halls of high wisdom and Darwinian certainty? After all, from Darwin until now, it is quite clear how highly evolved the scientists, that have brought about all that wonderful technology that killed more people in a century than any century in human history and trashed enough of the planet to trigger the Sixth Mass Extinction, are. 

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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