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Author Topic: Cancer  (Read 3101 times)

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« on: November 02, 2013, 04:56:58 pm »

My fasting serum glucose is at 94. What's yours? Avoid SWEET MISERY; avoid refined sugar and eating large portions of white, refined simple carbs because they do a number on your blood sugar and do little to satisfy your appetite.

More and more, modern medicine is realizing that cholesterol, fats and other lipids as well as salt are NOT the killers they were once thought to be. It now appears that those begin to deteriorate your health as a consequence of high blood sugar.

WHY? Because your body metabolizes all the above quite well UNTIL you have problems with inflammation. Then the cleansing activity loses efficiency.

What's the killer sugar connection?

1. When there is more sugar in your blood stream than your cells need, the receptors "get used to FEAST" and make it harder to bind to them to make energy. Really badly blocked receptors is what diabetes is all about. When low blood sugar occurs (FAMINE), your body, used to FEAST, cannot get all the energy it needs from blocked receptors and you get lethargic in addition to inefficent handling of cholesterol, fats and immune function.

2.   The extra sugar in your system, because sugar molecules have a jagged shape, cut capillary walls and start the inflammation vicious cycle (mast cells on the vessel walls release histones from sugar molecules bound to hemoglobin - red blood cells - banging against them). People who are chronically dehydrated because they hit the jar too much excacerbate the sugar molecule damage to capillary vessel walls giving all the above difficulties a boost.

Normal arterial blood flow

continuous capillary tight-junction -intercellular cleft

Blood sugar actually coats red blood cells (hemoglobin), causing them to become stiff. These "sticky cells" interfere with blood circulation, causing cholesterol to build up on the inside of your blood vessels. It can take months to years for the damage to your body to appear. The fragile blood vessels in your eyes, kidneys and feet are most susceptible, so problems are usually noticed first in those areas.

3. Cancer cells ARE NOT concerned with keeping things homeostatic. They have one main mission in life: RAPID GROWTH. And to GROW FAST, you need LOTS OF ENERGY! That is why cancer LOVES SUGAR.

So give up the donut love and daily boozing as well as large portions of blood sugar boosting simple carbohydrate foods like pretzels and beer. That is truly an unhealthy combination because (among several others pushed by our ignorant, hyper consumerist, instant gratification society as cultural icons - apple pie anyone?  :P ) you are dehydrating yourself while simultaneously jacking up your blood sugar. Too much refined white rice, potatoes, etc. are bad for you. Boozing every day is bad for you because it leads to a chronic dehydrated circulatory system.

So why do we like all that stuff so much if it is "bad" for us?  ??? Because we are energy seekers and our taste buds are designed to zero in on anything that has high sugar (or high in simple carbs that can be quickly converted to sugar). We were designed to operate in an environment where we could go long stretches ( a few days) without food as long as we could get water.

Having FEAST conditions ALL THE TIME creates a feedback mechanism from our body to radically reduce our ability to process sugars because the body ASSUMES a "new normal" of no longer having to be as efficient at sucking up all the available energy around.

Our biochemistry, being homeostatic, tries its best to balance this excess of energy but ultimately fails from too much inflammation. The immune system gets more and more compromised and along comes one of those MUTATIONS the evolutionist true believers love so much to 'EVOLVE' us into a new and improved bunch of cancer tumors.  ???

Yeah, I know people don't call that evolution because the mutations that cause cancer are NEGATIVE mutations, not "evolutionary advantages" (Unless you are a cancer!  ;D LOL!). But unfortunately for the evolutionist true believers, 98% of all mutations in nature, as observed by modern scientific inquiry over the last 50 years (at least) with detailed analysis, are DNA destructive mutations, not new super powers from natural selection.  ;)

So, if you want to believe in evolution, have a ball. But don't plan on "evolving" out of destroying your immune system with high blood sugar any time soon.   

My Fasting Serum Glucose is 94. What's yours?

More on why high blood sugar is bad for you:

New Evidence Of How High Glucose Damages Blood Vessels Could Lead To New Treatments
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