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Author Topic: The Fabulous Plant Kingdom  (Read 1732 times)

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Re: The Fabulous Plant Kingdom
« Reply #30 on: April 10, 2019, 02:20:40 pm »
A routine day on the red planet.  ;D  Do Martians Socotrans have a secret?

The Strange and Unique Plant Life of the Island of Socotra

The 'Lost World' of Socotra. Just look at that landscape and tell me you don't think a T-Rex would fit right in! Sorry, no T-Rexes but there are plenty of strange life forms there.

Did they ever have T-Rexes here? That's a known unknown.  ;)  We will never know if they had T-Rexes on Mars because the, uh, Martians Socotrans won't tell.   
Socotra - The Island Of Wonder

Socotra island is one of the strangest places in the world. Everything about the island is strange, its landscape, plants and its animals. The flora and fauna on Socotra island is considered the 'jewel' of biodiversity. The plants are all funny looking and have weird structure. Some animals on the island are slightly bigger and scarier, like crabs and other animals. The landscape is weird and you feels like you are on an alien planet.

Eden TWO?


Nate's Nonsense

Yup, we're from Mars too!  ;D No, we aren't feeling blue! >:( (Primates of Socotra)

We managed to save most of our on board Martian plants when we crash landed here about 6,000 years ago...  ;D

Dragon Blood Tree   ???

Martians Socotrans like good views. It ain't Olymbus Mons, but we make do. 8)

I may be a big crab but have a nice personality and am never crabby.  ;D

One THIRD of the flora on Socotra Grows NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH.

The largest collection of rarest plants on earth is found on the island of Socotra, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Yemen. Socotra is home to approximately 800 species of plants, and over 33% of them are thought to be unique to the island and not found anywhere else in the world.

The islandís collection of rare plants is generally not seen by many tourists because the island belongs to Yemen, which has very strict regulations regarding tourists. In 2008, Socotra was named as a Natural World Heritage Site by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which recognizes natural geographical phenomenon.

More about the plants of Socotra:

Dorstenia gigas (Life was tough on Mars. Here it's a walk in the park!)

Dorstenia gigas (Look Ma, no SOIL!)

The Socotra fig tree Dorstenia gigas is thought to not require soil to grow and samples have even been found to grow against limestone rock. :o

Dorstenia gigas 31cm tall x 6cm at soil level. Bud detail.

Some of the plant species native to Socotra are thought to date back over 20 million years. Agelbert Note: ONLY the Martians Socotrans know for sure and they won't tell!

The islandís Dragon Blood Tree was named by traders who thought the plantís red sap was actually the blood of the dragon. Agelbert NOTE: Hello? Angry Red Planet, anyone?  When ya come from a red planet, ya have color coded SAP!

Local "Humans" in a Dragon Blood Tree. We Martians Socotrans color code our kids too. After all, offspring should  know where they came from. 


Final NOTE: Any similarity between the humor above and fossil fueler, GW denier "logic" is deliberate.

The BIG difference is that I'm trying to be funny, not ridiculous!

Save our Planet. Demand 100% Renewable Energy NOW!

Mr. Ron McCullough, TN 

We as a nation have to free ourselves from the tyranny and boundless greed of the fossil fuel oligarchs that keep us in the Dark Ages of renewable energy. How is it good governance to destroy the Earth for short term gains for the 1%? It's not. It's the result of corruption and cowardice of elected officials and it must stop!

Mr. Troy Kilbourne, MN 

A "Manhattan Project" for renewable energy is, I believe, the only thing that can reverse our course towards catastrophic climate change. We did it back then, and we can do it now.

Mr. Stephen Spaulding, NH

The fossil fuel industry knows its stranglehold on us inevitably has to end. It's feverishly trying every way it can to lock us into dependence for another half-century. We cannot allow this to happen.

Ms. Jean Elliott, IL

This is an emergency. Climate and pollution disasters loom unless we get off fossil fuels.

Sandra Doney, LA 

Let's care about quality of life and get our priorities straight!

Ms. Cecily Smith, AB 

The technology for renewable energy has already been developed and just needs investment. Leave fossil fuels down in the ground, No more pipelines!
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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