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Author Topic: Large Sea Creatures  (Read 1455 times)

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Re: Large Sea Creatures
« on: January 03, 2015, 04:50:27 pm »

Was Moby Dick based on a Real Story?   

The inspiration for Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby Dick was based on a real albino sperm whale called Mocha Dick. During the growth of the whaling industry in the Americas in the mid 1800s, Mocha Dick gained a reputation of being a one of the most feared whales in the ocean. Mocha Dick was reported to be docile if left alone, even swimming along ships.

However, when provoked, the 70 foot (21.336 m) whale would become aggressive and attack ships with his body. During the 28 years that Mocha Dick hunted, he reportedly attacked 100 ships, 20 of which were completely destroyed.

Mocha was eventually killed by whalers in 1838 near the Chilean island Mocha after he came to the rescue of a female whale whose calf was killed by the whalers.

Whalers liked the "easy" kill of the small offspring of females. How "noble" of them. But profits are profits, RIGHT!!? The EROEI of killing a small whale is HIGHER than that of killing a large, aggressive one, so IT's OKAY, RGHT!!? 

The humans are at it again; must try to save the female. She is traumatized by the death of her calf and won't leave. That will enable these murderers to kill her too.

Agelbert NOTE: More evidence of aggression used more for defense than predation in nature (unless you are a GREEDY Homo SAP ).

Notice how a friendly, ship accompanying,  compassionate and noble whale that goes out of its way to save a female, something a conscience free predator is not supposed to do according to the "apex predator evolutionary advantage", modern "science" interpretation, gets killed by humans with no conscience. 

WE are the evolutionary dead end, NOT the whales we stupidly killed.   

Another Agelbert NOTE: As to the double talking morons who will claim that Mocha Dick's behavior was NOT "touchy feely" but was actually evidence of an evolutionary advantage of a predator because it "perpetuated the species" ( his sacrificial death saved the female to breed another day ), I just want to say that is one of the most logic free exercises futility I have ever heard (See what Lions DO to offspring that aren't theirs. This was an act of altruism and compassion, not evolutionary advantage instinct.  Go ahead, claim that the female had Mocha Dick's offspring! LOL!   ). It's the FEMALE sperm whales that hang around and pine when a calf or a large male gets killed, NOT the males (Google it!).  But, of course, the champions of conscience free predation will always come up with some other threadbare piece of erudite BALONEY. Logic isn't their thing; defense of murder, mayhem and biosphere degradation for profit is.

More about whales:

•As of 2014, an albino humpback whale named Migaloo is being studied by scientist. Migaloo, which means "White Fella" in Aboriginal Australian language, was first spotted in 1991 off the Queensland coast in Australia.

•Sperm whales are the most aggressive whale species and have been known to attack whaling ships and battle giant squids.

•An extinct species of sperm whale which lived approximately 12 million years ago, the Leviathan melvillei, was named after Herman Melville.


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