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Author Topic: Intelligence  (Read 1355 times)

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Amazingly informative video. Wolf puppies make sounds that trigger lactation in HUMAN FEMALES! Furthermore, the touching and handling triggers Oxycontin release which fosters empathy and pack unity. Orphaned wolves taken in and fed by humans is believed to be the beginning of domestication.

Agelbert NOTE: What the above video calls "evolution" is NOT evolution; it is selective breeding to trim the ORIGINAL DNA package as has been done by man in all domestication.

This is ADAPTATION, not evolution because no non-wolf DNA was introduced into the DNA to create some "evolutionary advantage" like docility, longer legs for running down prey, shorter legs for animal heel nipping or digging out prey in holes, retrieving ability ( soft mouth, water loving), increased intelligence, etc. 

They are ALL still capable of BREEDING with each other. And most of the radical changes in morphology have only occurred in the last 300 years or less. Therefore they is no ORIGIN of NEW SPECIES here despite the INTELLIGENT, rather than NATURAL, selection involved. Sorry Darwinists, no evolution here!

The success of the border collie in flushing birds out of airports to prevent bird strikes on aircraft as opposed to using loud noises is claimed to be because of the "evolutionary" traits of the birds to fear a furry ground predator. The claim is that birds haven't "evolved" to respond to loud aircraft noises and avoid them. Well, YEAH, they sure HAVEN'T!

Using a dog doesn't have beans to do with evolution, but does confirm the birds are afraid of dogs. When a dog scares them, they don't come back. when a loud sound or a human scares them, they come back. Evolution? NOPE! Aircraft don't HUNT birds. Birds have never seen an aircraft come back and eat the birds that flew into it. They have no reason to think an airplane is a predator. Humans move a LOT slower than a dog. That sounds like the basic DNA genetic PACKAGE of a bird, not evolution.

I hate this continual reaching for justification that "evolution" exists without a shred of proof!  >:(

Many of our modern dog breeds that have radically changed morphology from the wolf are not BETTER animals (as in "evolved"). They have inherited defects due to specialization. THAT is another bit of PROOF that the wolf DNA has been, not just trimmed, but in some breeds, DEGRADED. Again, this is NOT evolution.

The last part of the Video, where a great man called Randy rescues 2,000 dogs a year, is ANTI-evolutionary and ALL ABOUT LOVE. The narrator celebrates the love without realizing the contradiction of his position with prevailing evolutionary theory.

Randy realizes humans are stewards of these animals. He is a responsible human and a showing a spiritual quality no evolutionary theory can be explain with the release of oxycontin.  8).

There is NOTHING NATURAL about keeping stray animals from dying because they aren't "fit" enough to survive on their own. It's ALL about LOVE. Remember that the next time someone praises the theory of "evolution". Without love, humans are NOTHING.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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