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Author Topic: Flight  (Read 7122 times)

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The Tiniest Flying Life Form on Earth
« Reply #15 on: December 22, 2014, 11:32:19 pm »
Megaphragma is the TINIEST flying life form on Earth!

Megaphragma wasp is the size of a Paramecium:o

This life form is so unusual, it has cells that exclude cell bodies around the nucleus that Eukaryotic (true) cells "normally" have. Scientists think that is so because "there ain't no room for cells with all that stuff in a critter that small". 

But they WON'T say the obvious! That is, that it seems to have been  DESIGNED that way from scratch; the size of a critter is a function of cell anatomy and physiology, not the other way around.  

Are they going to say that millions of years of squeezing in tight places EVOLVED the cell anatomy and physiology so it could EVOLVE a tinier wasp?  That is REALLY reaching! 

That is NOT the way "natural selection" is supposed to work anyway. Supposedly, the "BIG" flies got killed off and the ones with the  tiny cell machinery mutation survived.   I don't think so.


It's a chicken or egg problem for the Darwinists. Did this type of cell precede the more common Eukaryotes or did a wasp "mutation(s)" -( it takes a LOT more than ONE mutation to RADICALLY modify cell anatomy and physiology this way!) produce this exquisitely adapted parasite to be almost invisible to the host?

There is simply ZERO reason to be that small. There's lots of room  out there and a plethora of larger prey that won't spot the wasp even if it is 10 times larger.    

Even if Megaphragma is paraded as the only living example of what Eukaryotic cells were like before they EVOLVED into the ones most Eukaryotic life forms have today, then why is it still here?  ;D

If it was SO SUCCESSFUL for over millions and millions of years or so, how come the BASIC cell anatomy and physiology model was changed? HUH? This is proof of DESIGN, not evolution.
What we have here is "Moore's God's law of miniaturization of flying equipment" cells. Neurons are super tiny too!

So, are you gonna tell me this wasp Evolved from a NON-flying microscopic whatever/wasp? Hello? Those cells REQUIRE specific design to create that tiny wasp. It will not be able to fly without the microminiaturization of cell function. It would be too heavy and probably 10 times as "large" (no longer microscopic).

It would need a more advanced design for a larger size like the exquisitely designed Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) sensory package (some of them not understood yet like eyes separate and apart from the "normal" eyes and a sensor they believe is also related to flight), and two types of wing muscles, ALL SPECIALIZED for FLIGHT, not crawling, walking or swimming.

They are USELESS except SPECIFICALLY for aerial foraging and evasive maneuvers to avoid getting eaten while FLYING. Yes the reflex time is also valuable when they are perched but the sensory package for a ground based insect is much, simpler. When insects cannot MOVE fast because they don't fly, they have other defenses like gas and stink and sprays which are radically different from the rapid response motion detecting sensor package on flying insects. The whole ENCHILADA is more proof of DESIGN:

In summary, there is, apparently, no way an insect as small as Megaphragma could fly without the biologically designed microminiaturization of its Eukaryotic cell anatomy and physiology. It's AMAZING! 

LOOK at how TINY the Megaphragma wasp is. It's just over 200 micrometers ( 200 μm)

If WE could microminiaturize OUR neurons, we could have orders of magnitude more processing ability.

I'm sure somebody in the MIC is "working" on it....

I still can't get past 100 gigaFLOPS. Need more Brain!   

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