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Author Topic: Mechanisms of Prejudice: Hidden and Not Hidden  (Read 14204 times)

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August 24, 2021

Vermont and its leaders have made historic progress in reimaging public safety and creating a smarter criminal legal system. But if you listen to some law enforcement leaders, you'd think the sky was falling.

Recently, Vermont's top federal prosecutor, acting U.S. Attorney 😈 Jonathan Ophardt, claimed that violent crime is increasing, echoing a false narrative that's been cropping up in places like Burlington in recent weeks. Ophardt claims that the data "backs up these concerns." It doesn't.

Read our blog to learn why.

Here are the facts: Vermont continues to be one of the safest places in the country, and Vermont's Judiciary reported fewer criminal charges in 2020 than the year before, with felony charges down 12 percent and misdemeanors down 21 percent.

Meanwhile, Vermont drivers are stopped by police at a rate far above the national average, and Black and Brown Vermonters are still disproportionately targeted by police, year after year. In Burlington, for example, police last year used force against Black residents at a record rate. 😠

That's why Vermonters are still calling for change, and overwhelmingly support prioritizing people and communities over prisons and policing. Instead of fearmongering, law enforcement leaders should be working with the communities they serve to reimagine public safety, reduce the footprint of law enforcement, and combat systemic racism in our state.

Learn more by reading our blog.

We have so much more work to do, and we can't afford to be distracted or dissuaded by false narratives. If we can learn from the mistakes of the past, we can win transformative change, creating more just and inclusive communities statewide.

In solidarity,

James Lyall
Pronouns: He, him, his
Executive Director, ACLU of Vermont

Agelbert NOTE: It is very, very difficult to get rid of systemic racism in Vermont because systemic racism is the reason for the material wealth of most Vermonters. Closet racists like acting U.S. Attorney 😈 Jonathan Ophardt (SEE: Fox in the Henhouse) will never admit that they are doing absolutely everything they can to perpetuate the cruel and unjust systemic racism that has, for CENTURIES, materially benefited white Vermonters who lack a consciense.
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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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September 26, 2021

Captain Mulzac and his crew in England after the maiden voyage of the SS Booker T. Washington.

Pioneering Black Ship Captain Honored Alongside Merchant Marine Veterans Of WWII


The featured honoree at this year’s AMMV event was civil rights leader and US Merchant Marine World War II hero Captain Hugh Mulzac, master of the SS Booker T Washington.

Born in the British West Indies in 1886, Mulzac went to sea after high school, sailing on British vessels. He later attended the Nautical School in Swansea, in the United Kingdom, earning a mate’s license. He sailed as a ship’s officer in World War I, and came to the United States, becoming a citizen in 1918.

By 1920, Mulzac passed the examination as a U.S. shipmaster, but there were no shipboard berths available to a black captain. Although he held a master’s license, which qualified him to be a ship’s captain, he worked for the next 20 years mostly in the steward’s department of various shipping lines. This was the only shipboard work he could find, and he became an expert in foodservice management.

With the outbreak of World War II, Mulzac recognized an opportunity to use his license and command a vessel. At age 56, he was named master of the new Liberty 🗽 ship Booker T. Washington, christened by legendary opera singer Marian Anderson. Mulzac insisted on having an integrated crew, not the all-black crew that had been planned. The U.S. Maritime Commission relented, and the Booker T. Washington made 22 round-trip voyages with Mulzac at the helm.

Also Read: Captain Mulzac WW2 Hero and America’s First Black Master Mariner

“There were many other black ship captains throughout history before him. Many of the great abolitionists in this country were seafarers but they were stripped of their human rights by the Negro Seaman’s 😈 Act of 1822. By World War II much of the history of proud black seafarers had been long forgotten.” said Captain Robert Cook President of the Organization of Black Maritime Graduates. “Honoring Captain Mulzac is important so that every American understands how far we have come.”

A Union Apology

After World War II ended Captain Mulzac never sailed as master again because of prejudice enforced by the Master, Mates, and Pilots Union (MM&P).

“In looking back I discovered ours was a history of discrimination based on race, gender, and religion from the founding of MM&P until we were forced to integrate, to open our ranks to all qualified people in the 1960’s.” said MM&P representative Jeremy Hope at the event. “for this we apologize to Captain Mulzacs family and every mariner our policies hurt.”

Congressional Gold Medal

Full article:
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Oct 11, 2021

  Free Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier

The Real News Network 463K subscribers

In this special Indigenous Peoples' Day episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with author and activist Ward Churchill about the wrongful imprisonment and deteriorating health of Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier. A member of the American Indian Movement who was sent to prison in 1977 after a dubious trial sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences, Peltier’s continued imprisonment remains a stain on our “criminal justice” system.

Help us continue producing radically independent news and in-depth analysis by following us and making a small donation:

Donate: https://therealnews.com/donate-yt
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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Athletic directors say Vermont student-athletes often targeted with hate speech and other verbal abuse during games

By Shaun Robinson

Oct 10 2021


They’re just trying to play sports.

But Vermont student-athletes are often jeered and shouted down by fans in the stands, officials say, including with targeted hate speech.

“I’ve been an athletic director for eight years now,” said Michael Jabour, who oversees sports at South Burlington High School. “And verbal abuse that student-athletes face has been very consistent.”

Full article:
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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