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Author Topic: Mechanisms of Prejudice: Hidden and Not Hidden  (Read 6649 times)

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Hi David, Have always been fascinated by the Amish.

While knowing nothing about the mechanics you are posting about, all my instincts tell me that the Amish are probably very well equipped to deal with the kind of Doom I expect, mainly a financial event that causes much hardship.

They will manage with empty supermarket shelves, no gas or rationed gas, no autos and Uber, as well as a dark boob tube and it's endless sporting events for the dim Colosseum crowd.




... You could split hairs that they can function in their way only because they are cocooned in a functional society that has the money to purchase from them but is rich enough to demand very little from them. ...

You took the words right out of my mouth. And no, I do not think that is simply spliting hairs. There is another group (pacifist German immigrants) in the USA that has the same priviliged existence. I don't remember the name of the group but they were always exempted from the military draft, along with the Amish and the Mennonites. The Mennonites are  similar, but not exactly the same as the Amish.

The original difference in opinion came in 1693, when Jacob Ammann, a Swiss Anabaptist leader, felt that the church leaders were not holding to strict separation from the world and that spiritual renewal was needed. Ammann did not believe that the ban, or shunning, was being practiced as it should be. He separated from the Swiss Brethren segment of the Anabaptists over this issue and his followers were nicknamed “Amish.”

Ammann enforced more separatist ways upon his followers, and today some practices among the Amish include: untrimmed beards and hooks and eyes in place of buttons on outer garments of the men; horse and buggy transportation; horse-drawn implements for farming; plain and distinctive dress patterns; no electricity in homes.

However, most contemporary Mennonites are not outwardly that different from any person you meet on the street, and in fact live in countries around the world with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Mennonites believe in simple living, but express that simplicity in a spirit of stewardship and awareness of the needs of others rather than completely separating from society as the Amish continue to do.

These religious communities also have another privilege that few Americans know about. They have a legal justification for not paying into Social Security. They are not required to have Social Security taxes withheld from their wages. Long ago, they established in Civil Court that, because their religion requires that all be cared for, no matter the age, and no matter whether employed or not, their society group does not require a government sponsored pension system. They are technically right, but the Social Security System has other functions that these pacifists should not be exempt from paying into.

To destroy the cohesion of any one of these communites, including the Amish, all you have to do is engage in corrupt US Government style eminent domain land grabs, as was done to the Native Americans long ago.

The Cherokees had an excellent, fully functional and independent community in Georgia, far exceeding anything the Amish, Mennonites or the other groups mentioned have ever accomplished, yet the government deliberately did not prosecute white poachers and criminals of all sorts that attacked them routinely. The "Trail of Tears" we all know about from the  bastard Andrew Jackson was just the end of a LONG series of land grabs and other assorted clever attacks by Georgia whites.

The problem I have with these Amish good people, who I admire greatly, is that they will not go to bat for poor people outside their community or victims of racism either. The Amish (and the other groups mentioned) will not allow outsiders of color to become part of their communities.

Perhaps they are smart enough to know that this country would eliminate all their privileges in a hearbeat if they weren't 100% white. If that is so, then they are being realistic and practical, not religious or even worthy of praise for their "independent" life style.

Maybe God is protecting them, but I think it is their skin color that is protecting them, not God.
But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou
hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Acts 8:20


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