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Author Topic: Mechanisms of Prejudice: Hidden and Not Hidden  (Read 10775 times)

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Re: Mechanisms of Prejudice: Hidden and Not Hidden
« Reply #60 on: October 09, 2014, 08:18:12 pm »
GO said,
May I make a remark with regards to our mutual friend Ashvin? I really think you are going a bit rough on him in regards to this issue.

You are probably right. I can be a royal pain in ass at times.   

But here's the deal, GO. God has given Ashvin a mind, a fabulous talent for logic and a loquacious vocabulary for a purpose that goes way beyond a little pro bono work for the poor here and there. This man is brilliant. there is no question about that. That brilliance was given to him by God. Ashvin has a responsibility to go to bat against a fascist regime's brutality that is above ours BECAUSE he is a lawyer and BECAUSE he risks disbarment by fighting corruption.

Christ said we would have TRIBULATION in the world His statement that we should not despair because He has defeated the world has nothing to do with THIS life until His return. It's PAR FOR THE COURSE for a Christian to get shafted six ways from sunday defending truth and justice in a corrupt world. I've been there (often!  :( ).

Christianity is not now, or ever was, a walk in the park; it's HARD! The superb mind, talents and law degree Ashvin has are God given for a purpose in these dark times. With great talents come great responsibilities. Getting the big house, the car and the fat portfolio is nice, but not the sine qua non of a Lawyer in the Service of Christ; attacking injustice IS.

And we Christians are called to exhort each other to work as best we can for Christ. That's why I give you a hahd time every now and then.  :evil4: God put me here for many reasons, most of which I probably don't know. But it is quite possible that one my purposes is to remind you every now and then that gold ain't the only thing with REAL glitter for your soul. 

Just sayin'

As to MKing's baseless conclusions, the calm demeanor of a police officer is NOT the result of training, as MKing mistakenly assumes. As a pilot, I could do an engine out procedure in my sleep. This is what proper training for high stress situations enable you to do. But the cop here broke the law, period. There was no danger of assault. The cop acted, not passionately (which would HAVE made his behavior more appropriate) but CALMLY. That is EVIDENCE of malice and aforethought, regardless of what a lawyer for the cop might argue. I understand human nature quite well. When I trained pilots, I had to slap the white knuckled hands of students that had a death grip on the controls and tunnel vision from being overstressed. I KNOW how people behave when they are stressed and losing control versus when they are bastards doing the preplanned thing. I had a narcissistic student that wanted to solo in 7 hours so he would be the "best" in his Air Force ROTC group. This **** social climbing **** wasn't ready yet. I told him so. He kept pushing. So, having passed his ground reference maneuvers in the practice area (but still bothered about his cockiness - as a danger to himself) I had him start landing practice. He was quite good but still cocky as hell. MKing would, WRONGLY, say that's  a-****-okay. It's not. But MKing doesn't do introspection so he would not understand. In brief, cockiness in inexperienced pilots, no matter how much natural skill at piloting, is often, at best, a dinged airplane or, at worst, a death sentence.

Anyway, he did his touch and goes fine for an hour. The next lesson wast the 8th hour and he wanted to solo. He even brought his girlfriend to witness it from the ground. I said, we'll see. We did touch and goes and a few landings to a full stop and he was doing fine so, despite my misgivings with this c o c k y Air Force ROTC f u c k, I soloed him. He had to do three landings to a full stop and three takeoffs. While in the traffic pattern, several aircraft started showing up (all light planes at this airport). I began to worry. Radio chatter can make new pilots nervous. C o c k y bastards are NOT used to being nervous (they are naturally quite gifted so they think they can handle "whatever". When they get surprised, the nerves **** them up worse than those used to spotting their own deficiencies and acting accordingly). On the third landing the tower delayed landing clearance and he remained too high while on final approach (He was rather close to the plane landing in front). The tower offered for him to "Go Around" (overfly the runway, fly the traffic pattern in a square and line up more comfortably. OF COURSE, our "super ace" said, NO PROBLEM! So there he came, diving with full flaps, eating up half the runway (and getting REAL NERVOUS but trying not to show it). He made a fine landing despite the high, fast approach...

But he was in a hurry. There was only a third of the runway left and he was making a touch and go...

So, he FORGOT to raise the flaps (he left them in the full flap position - this means the aircraft is much lighter over the runway and will respond to propeller torque and P-factor changes more quickly). He applied full power and the plane swung to the left. He panicked, cut the power and braked and the plane swung HARDER in the OTHER direction. Pulling the power exacerbated the opposite torque effect which was amplified by the brakes. He applied power AGAIN while letting off the brakes and hitting left rudder and the plane swung HARD to the left. In his final, OH **** moment of defeat (not enough runway to take off), he pulls the power off and slams on the  brakes. AGAIN the plane swings HARD to the right and ground loops with his left wing scraping the ground and the entire aircraft (wheels and all!) off the ground in a severe right turn. I thought the plane was going to flip over. It had executed a complete turn facing the opposite direction, with an ever increasing bank angle, off the runway and on to the taxiway.

The plane sort of hovered there on its left wing for a second, then slammed down on the tricycle gear.

The s h i t eating grin on that c o c k y bastard's face instead of a repentant, 'I f u c k e d up' look, ended my training with him right there. He eventually soloed with another flight instructor LATER than his entire class of eight ROTC pilots.

Humility is required, not just for those of us average plodders, but for the MKings of this world. Not that it does any good to tell THEM that.

If that driver in the video above had been black, he would be dead. MKing is full of c o c k y S3 Baloney.  Then again, that driver is an execellent example of white privilege in action. If you think a black guy would get out of his car, argue with a cop there and ask, "What's wrong with you?" when a cop is pointing a weapon at him, then you must be in MKing's la-la land. 

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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