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Author Topic: Defending Wildlife  (Read 5505 times)

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Re: Defending Wildlife
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2016, 05:52:05 pm »
They pay almost nothing to send hundreds of thousands of livestock across our public lands sometimes obliterating the natural landscape as the livestock devour native grasses, pound the soil into dust, and wallow in and destroy streams and rivers.

They also pay almost nothing to have the state and federal government exterminate native American wildlife on our public lands - wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, even eagles - that sometimes prey on calves and lambs. The epitome of this extermination is the "aerial gunner men" hired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fly helicopters over our public lands and kill thousands of wolves and coyotes with shotgun blasts from the sky every year," says journalist Gary Wockner. 

Read our article, President Obama, Stop Leasing Our Federal Lands & Waters.

Read how Teddy Roosevelt created the refuge:
Website: www.onearth.org/earthwire/malheur-national-wildlife-refuge-theodore-roosevelt

The ranchers (at least the smaller, non-corporate types) don't support selling of the commons. It isn't in their interest at all. The fact that the land has been public all these years has been a great gift to them. Truthfully, their real sin is that they have been poor stewards of the land, and have overgrazed it ever since they were allowed on it. They have essentially been subsidized all these years, but that was why the whole thing was set up the way it was in the beginning, to make it possible for settlers to live in parts of the west where 160 acre homesteads were too small to support a family.

So I have a hard time seeing this as their motivation. Now, perhaps this is some kind of trumped up scheme by the big money...the ones who have the kind of financing to actually buy big chunks of public land. That I could believe.

The whole stand-off stinks to high heaven, frankly. Most of the militia types out there think it's a false flag operation designed to make it easier for the federal government to justify grabbing their guns.


Eddie said,

THAT is what you should DEFINITELY believe because THAT is what this is ALL about (see the toadies Rep. Rob Bishop R-UT, Senator Lisa Murkowski's R-AK, etc. et al of the PRIVATE rich Welfare Queen Vested Interests using the Federal Government to fleece we-the-people:  :evil4:).
Of course. But the COVER for these types of scams always requires the use of Karl Rove's strategy number 3: Always accuse your opponent of doing what YOU are doing to hide the FACT that YOU are doing it. It's basic Machiavelli. ANYONE that uses this strategy is devoid of a moral compass. Nitzsche's Territorial Imperative REQUIRES that that you LACK a moral compass. And long before the Homestead Act, that has been our "justification" for land grabbing. 

So now the REAL land grabbers ((see: PRIVATE rich Welfare Queen Vested Interests using the Federal Government to fleece we-the-people) behind this are deliberately propagandizing the militia types to look in the wrong direction for the motive. 

See red herring. See distraction. See Bu ll sh it. See: Cui Bono?   

If this massive land grab BY the rich, biosphere math challenged, private greedballs (who use dumbass ideologues in Oregon and bought and paid for politicians as stalking horses) is not stopped, we will soon see our lands totally overrun by profit over planet exploitation. As the article I posted made clear, we ALREADY have a huge problem with wanton exploitation for fossil fuels, mining and the extermination of wildlife that "gets in the way". The overgrazing by greedy ranchers will be the least of our problems.

The solution to this problem requires that the American public understand who the BURGLAR really is and respond accordingly.

A burglar breaks into a house and finds a parrot inside.
“Kesha sees you,” says the Parrot.
 Burglar covers the bird’s cage with a towel.
“Kesha is not a parrot, Kesha is a rottweiler,” says the Parrot.


Yes, I think you have it right. It's the same old story about exploiting the commons, extracting the resources, and passing the costs back to the public. It's about timber and it's about uranium. It's about water and who gets it.

Yep. And the foundation of all this biosphere math challenged behavior is an absence of a moral compass.

In the light (or prehaps darkness  :() of witnessing the thorough disappearance of ethical behavior in American society (back in the second half of the 19th century, engineers who designed railroad bridges would kill themselves if a bridge failed with a passenger filled train on it - now they claim "sabotage" and "poor government maintenance" while they lobby for another bridge building contract...), it is proper to resort to humor as a survival mechanism.

For the no good Attackers of the rich job creators/fossil fuel industry saviors of our civilization, Socialist, Eco-Leftist whackos like me (who talk too much   ;D):

Congratulations! You won a free year long placement on a no-fly list.

Good for me! I get to lower my carbon footprint some more! - We Eco-Leftists always find silver compost linings in piles of poop. 

Do you want coffee with cognac or without?
– Without.
– Without cognac?
– Without coffee.

For medicinal purpose only. I'm a Christian, ya know! 

Now for more general humor...

Ahmed, why is your wife walking in front of you? Did you forget that according to the Quran, a wife has to always walk behind her husband?
– Darling, I know what Quran says. But when they wrote it, they had not invented anti-personnel mines, yet.

Well yeah, some Arabs read Machiavelli too!

You have 300 Facebook friends. 80 of them come to your wedding. 10 show up for your birthday. When you have a problem, you have two friends: your parents.

And then your parents die. But your mother-in-law doesn't.

My mother-in-law is an angel.
– Lucky you… My mother-in-law is still alive.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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