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Author Topic: Creeping Police State  (Read 10358 times)

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July 29th, 2019 by Steve Hanley

Fascism & #Fake Republicans


#Fake Republicans

Just as in George Orwell’s novel, the United States is now ruled by a demagogue who lies with every breath he takes, punishes anyone who disagrees with him, and projects a hyper-nationalist agenda. Today’s #Fake Republicans, led by the hate-filled Mitch McConnell, embrace the leader because he allows them to pursue their own agenda of consolidating one party rule through aggressive manipulation of voting districts and voter suppression tactics. McConnell, with his “winners make the rules, losers go home” attitude, is to politics today what General Sherman was to the Civil War — an implacable foe who will utilize any tool to subjugate the opposition.

There used to be Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who sought to unify the country, Teddy Roosevelt who promoted the national parks system, Dwight Eisenhower who didn’t insult the members of the Supreme Court when they made their ruling in Brown Vs. Board of Education but used the power of his office to enforce that decision, Richard Nixon who signed the Clean Water Act and created the Environmental Protection Agency. Even Ronald Reagan, the darling of Republicans, took steps to invigorate the EPA.

Until the current occupant of the Oval Office came along, every president, once inaugurated, made an effort to represent every citizen of the United States, not just those who turn out for carefully crafted adoration festivals. The present day #Fake Republican party is anti-everything except promoting the interests of unchecked business and celebrating the historical dominance of white male culture.

The current president leans heavily on an appeal to patriotism, but he is no patriot. As union organizer Eugene Debs said a hundred years ago, “Every robber or oppressor in history has wrapped himself in a cloak of patriotism or religion, or both.” Trump 🦀 has done both.

The signs that a warming planet is placing the entire planet at risk are all around us, but the fake Republicans refuse to lift a finger to address the problem.

They are too busy making corporations into super citizens while diminishing the power of the people who are the nominal holders of the nation’s sovereignty. Unable to see beyond the next quarterly report, they are literally pouring gasoline on the fire and turning a blind eye to the consequences.

Politicians used to work for the common good, or at least pretend to. No more. Today it’s all about destroying the enemy. With the help of ALEC and similar front organizations, those who speak out are threatened with felony convictions that carry prison sentences of up to 40 years. Government workers who speak out are harassed, demoted, or fired. We have a “my way or the highway” president and a coterie of sycophants who applaud his every move.

America is embracing totalitarianism by brutally suppressing voting rights for anyone who is not likely to vote for Republican candidates. Polling places in poor neighborhoods are arbitrarily closed, voting hours are shortened, and new restrictions on voter registrations are added. If the people will not get out and vote, soon they will find they have lost the ability to do so and the consolidation of power in the hands of a few super-wealthy white males will be complete.

Full EXCELLENT article:


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