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Author Topic: Creeping Police State  (Read 10358 times)

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Russian Federation Coat of Arms

Agelbert NOTE: The golf clubs and the money in the eagle claws are good, but the nearly exact image of the Russian double headed eagle PLUS the phrase in Spanish, "Trump (i.e. 45) is a  PUPPET (of Putin)" is even better.

As a Spanish speaker, I can tell you that the word "titere" (three syllables, accent on the first syllable, pronounced Tē-Tĕ-Rĕ) does not just mean "puppet"; it is used far more often as a pejorative label for people without scruples that will steal anything not attached when you are not looking. It fits.

It's all great fun, and I got a good laugh out of it. BUT, ridicule of Trump needs to be put in the proper perspective. As a kid in the 1950's, I watched many cartoons (featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, etc.) made before, and during, WWII. They ridiculed Hitler to no end. It didn't help. Murderous Racist Demagogues despise ridicule but are not deterred by it. The reason for that is that those demagogues, like Hitler AND Trump, are the tiny visible tip of a cabal of rapacious oligarchs that put them there and want to keep them there.

The Oligarchic SNAKE in the USA NEVER shows its head. So, cutting off that head is extremely difficult.

A portion of the Oligarchic 🐍 SNAKE -- The 🐲 HEAD of the SNAKE is probably composed of some of these plus some you will never read about, despite having far more wealth than the "richest people" shown above.

"The rich executed a coup d’état that transformed the three branches of the U.S. government and nearly all institutions, including the mass media, into wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state." -- Chris Hedges

"in many ways the West already observes truly 'free markets,' or economic anarchy where giant corporations are free to do anything they wish, including wage massive, global wars in pursuit of their interests. The constrictive laws and regulations many well-intentioned free-market advocates abhor, have been imposed by these unhindered, anarchical corporations, not by a 'socialist government.' What these advocates perceive as a 'socialist government' is in fact an interface created and controlled by unhindered, unregulated, unaccountable corporate-financier interests. " -- Charles Hugh Smith

"When a mystery is complicated, the French tell us to look for a woman; but in sleuthing among corporations, we found it was much better to look for the chief accountant." -- James Stewart Martin -- ALL HONORABLE MEN

There are three legs to the fascism stool:
1) A melding of corporate and civil governance.
2) A foreign policy predicated on an aggressive nationalistic worldview.
3) An authoritarian government.
A political system that recognizes corporations as individual persons certainly provides one of those legs .Trump just completed the last two legs.

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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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