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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 31172 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #660 on: June 18, 2018, 06:16:35 pm »
Cuba versus the USA in regard to the Level of Freedoms

I have no wish to trade my current repressive government for an even more repressive government so that I personally can live a lower standard of living. Tell me again why that's a good thing?

Oh come on.  Even you acknowledge to develop any kind of society that is remotely "sustainable" we need to Power Down, use less fossil fuels and live closer to the land with more of the population involved in food production.  The Cuban Revolution forced all those things to happen, and today Cuba is far better prepared for SHTF Day than the FSoA.  Voluntarily giving up your vacations to the VI and lowering your standard of living is a way to provide a better chance for your kids to have any kind of future at all.
I've got to second RE on this.  At least with the current government evidence can support or disprove that the government is repressive or not.  It is a matter of opinion but only so far, because facts are facts are facts and repression can be measured.  In contrast any government we 'trade' it for is a total speculative unknown because it has not yet happened.  It is a logical fallacy of some kind.  Maybe this one?


Perhaps expressing two things which can't possibly be traded is not exactly an amphiboly in a strict grammatical sense but the content of Eddie's statement is a claim that this is the best of all possible world by equating knowledge of a future which has not yet transpired.  That violates causality and is impossible.  It is a bourgeois acceptance of the status quo.

If you are confused think of having "repressive government" on both sides of a mathematical equation.  Basic algebra would cancel them out leaving you with the conclusion that we should accept what we have now because it must be the best.  That is Eddie's claim.  Problem is one of Eddies 'repressive governments' is imaginary and in the future and other one is not and is here with us right now.  Two different things which can't be equated can't cancel each other out, be the current government repressive or not.


Well does "repression" have anything to do with resource scarcity? There is always resource scarcity more or less, less in good times, more in hard times. But now we have resource depletion and too many mouths to feed and therefore too many screams of social injustice and lack of equality. Who gets the biggest pieces of pie. Those with money and power. Who are the most repressed? Those living in places where the pie is declared evenly distributed by dictum. It's all bullshit of course, because the strongest, most opportunistic, smartest and most able always get more pie even when the pie is getting devoured. Idealists propose otherwise. That is what ideals are. Not reality! Reality is dark and stark. Nobody wants to look at it. They would rather just keep yammering about injustice and who is going to bell the cat. It's not going to change when the resources are next to nothing. The same fight for power and pie will continue in the midst of starvation. Only the weak will have less breath to scream and the strong and opportunistic will have more reason to uphold "private property". It has always been so. It will continue to be so. So Scream On. Cheers.

I think resource scarcity and repression are clearly linked.

In a world (like the one humans once lived on a few generations ago), with lots of wide open spaces and not that many people, it is much easier to live a life free of government repression.

For nearly 100 years, malcontents from the lower 48 went and lived like mountain men in Alaska on public land. They trapped and fished, and lived for years without any contact with the government. Now the US Forest Service has helicopters and technology that can spot a cooking fire miles away. All those old guys died off and new ones are not allowed. The commons has been effectively cleared, because that public land has to be managed. By "managers". Bullshit. The Forest Service is in service to the corporations who profit from the resources, not the people. It's that simple.

Even though the US Constitution GUARANTEES  the right for Americans to occupy public land.

But yeah. I do agree that the idea that you can redistribute wealth equitably to build a better world overlooks the fact that some people are greedy no matter what their politics, and that powerful people always manage to do pretty much what they want, regardless.

Yep. Nevertheless, the following extremely profitable business in the USA has absolutely nothing to do with resource depletion and everything to do with carefully and cruelly planned exploitation, humiliation, impovershment, legal slavery and the methodical destruction of all socially beneficial cohesion in communites of color. I am certain that Cuba is less repressive, at least in this regard.

Rattling the Bars: More Arrests And Jail Time

June 17, 2018

Executive Producer Eddie Conway uncovers why more arrests are not resulting in safer making communities.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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