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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 10284 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #660 on: June 03, 2018, 01:27:16 pm »
Trump's announcement that withdrawing US troops from South Korea is NOT on the agenda for Summit 1 means that Summit 1 won't be successful.  Hopefully there will be a Summit 2 with a different agenda, but an attack on NK is more likely given the hubris involved and the escalation of tensions being provoked around the world, see Geopolitics.

Those tensions alone are plenty. Add to those the domestic pressures from the Mueller probe, the Cohen tapes, and having to rendition Melania to a prison in Thailand to keep her from publicly leaving him. Trump will readily sacrifice Americans to save himself, just as Hitler was prepared to sacrifice the German people at war's end.

All bullshit aside is this **** maniacal Trump hatred ever going to end here for a day at least.

Aren't you blowing this Melania situation out of hand. The man is a womanizer, has been married three times, everyone knows what he is including her. He never represented himself as a holy or exemplary family man

Now your accusing him of murdering her, and claiming his going to sacrifice lives of Americans, comparing him to Hitler, how disgusting.

Grow up will you all. The man is a human being, has a mother a father wives and children and is an American Citizen.

He was elected by your fellow citizens, he didn't seize power. Hate him all you wish but after a few years of this **** it's time to act like adults. 

When you own the fact that you can't handle criticism of Trump because you support his dastardly, empathy deficit disordered, immoral, vulgar, might is right world view, then maybe you can claim a basis for your endless whining. Until then, the only one into nauseatingly repetitive bullshit is you.

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