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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 10859 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #645 on: April 12, 2018, 06:50:36 pm »
Mining of the tar sands will not be stopped.[/center]

You are entitled to your opinion and to be as wrong as you wish of course, but I disagree with your rather depressing opinion.

I think that soon the polluters will have to stick the product of tars sands mining where the sun doesn't shine.

Times are changin', K-Dog. The polluters will increasingly find themselves out gunned, despite their past successful efforts to corrupt every government that has fossil fuel resources.

It will stop due to energy economics.  When the net energy return is negative, it stops itself.  This will take a little while though.


The energy net return for fossil fuels has always been, when ALL the "externalities" are taken into account, negative. They've gotten around that with corruption, gamed markets and welfare queen subsidies, NOT because they had a positive ERoEI.

I've made that case to you for years but you just do not want to hear it.  ::)

RE, whether you want to accept it or not, the "high energy density" (LOL!) of this tar sands crap is NOT the issue here.

In regard to the present situation in Canada, the issue for the fossil fuelers is that, as long as the polluters can buy governments to give them a free pass to continue using the biosphere as a dumping ground for their pollution, they will continue.

They will scream about "sanctity of contracts" (even though the fossil fuelers 🦖 - SEE EXXON 🦖 in Guyana right now! - will mangle contracts any time they feel like it or defend them like Bible Quotes when the contract is a sweetheart deal in their favor!). They will wail about world trade agreements. They will threaten to sue. It's all legaleze BULLSHIT.

The "business model 😈" of the Fossil Fuel Industry 🦖, AT PRESENT, has NOTHING to do with real energy product thermodynamics of energy return on ENERGY invested cause and effect. Regardless of how uncompetitive their polluting product is, the polluters will cling to their stupid business model as long as they can keep the corruption gravy train going.

Spare me the talk about energy product "energy" returns. You peak oil folks see lack of energy as the only trigger for disruption. That's way too reductionist. How come your "peak oil" isn't at $200 a barrel, huh? Over a decade ago it was over $100! Inflation PLUS "peak oil"  should have raised the price above $200 NOW, not the measly $67 or so!

We've used a LOT of oil since 2005! If the supply was really going down so much, they would have jacked up the price, regardless of the Great Recession! Don't bother to riddle me why they ain't done that, Batman. I can answer WHY the price of oil ain't gainin' traction, despite the best efforts of corrupt governments hither and yon.

The answer is REAL COMPETITION from clean energy, whether you want to accept that or not (see graphic below).

The only thing that will stop the polluters is people willing to give their lives to stop them. That will happen soon in Canada and in many other places as well.

The economics of fossil fuels has been brain dead stupid for several years now. Corrupt government handouts and subsidies is the only thing keeping those bastards in business, whether you peak oil folks want to believe that or not. 

The following chart is irrefutable evidence that the fossil fuelers have ZERO REAL economic reason, beyond corrupt practices that game the energy prices, for continuing the polluting product BAU.

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