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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 11312 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2014, 02:42:40 pm »
Rand Paul    Says Hillary Clinton’s Focus on Climate Change    Shows She Lacks ‘Wisdom’ to Be President


  Students of Goebbels Propaganda Techniques PLEASE NOTE: Rand Paul is being used as a TOOL to make Hillary Clinton (another FASCIST TOOL) look like she will address climate change. The ORWELLIAN GOALS of TPTB are:

1) Make you believe that these two TOOLS of Oligarchy are elucidating the main "controversy" so that you will LABEL one of them as RIGHT and one of them as WRONG. Consequently you will be swayed by the "reasonable logic" BALONEY of "vote for the lesser evil".    This is manufacturing consent on STEROIDS!

2) Make you believe that politicians give a rat's ass what you think. They DON'T. They are NOT concerned with "winning" the election, GET IT?  That is NOT what this is about. The election is GAMED by the media as a HORSE RACE so a third party candidate with a REAL POPULIST PLATFORM will be shut out REGARDLESS of their ACTUAL vote count! Once you BELIEVE those two TOOLS are "fighting on your behalf", most of you will be SUCKERED into voting one way or the other AGAINST your best interests, evidence and experience. Goebbels Game Theory ****S know their stuff!

3) For those who DO see through this charade, the 24/7 media coverage of the professional wrestling match between Dems and Repubs ( keep believing the Tea Party and the Libertarians are not Repub theater for the more reactionary and "purist" repubs if you want - it's part of this sucker play - LOL!) will convince them that their real populist candidate in the Tax Wall Street Party and/or the Green Party has no chance of winning. This is False. Even a high protest vote scares the **** out of TPTB. They NEED the manipulated consent of the governed. Never forget that! It doesn't matter how many guns they have. If they lose the manipulated consent of the governed, the cops and enforcers in their ranks start to throw wrenches in the oligarchic fascist machinery and the government cannot control the masses. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENSE, not the media manufactured "reality"!

4) Avoid an "embarrassing" overwhelming vote in favor of REAL POPULISTS that has to be BLATANTLY manipulated. WHY? Because that is what starts national uprisings against fascist governments.    Our Orwellian masters do not want that (it's expensive...  ).

Agebert COMMENT on the above article's web site: Rand Paul AND Hillary Clinton "disagreements" are an EXCELLENT example of a professional wrestling match FOOD FIGHT.

This is THEATER. This is a DISTRACTION from the painful reality of our corrupt. climate denying Fossil Fuel OWNED GOVERNMENT!

The Only REAL choices we have are in the Green Party and the Tax Wall Street Party.

I vote for the Tax Wall Street Party! The Green Party would probably caucus with them! Dems and Repubs are oligarchic TOOLS, PERIOD!

The honest REAL populists to vote for in California, Nebraska and New York if you are tired of Wall Street FASCISM in the USA are:

James Hinton in California

Dan Buhrdorf in Nebraska and Randy Credico in New York

Pass it on. The country you help emerge from fascism may be IS our own!
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the Lord. -- Psalm 27:14


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