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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 14796 times)

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How a Corporatocracy "Works".   >:(

Corruptisima re publica plurimae leges.

The laws, LOTS OF LAWS, are on the books. However, they are enforced on the little guy, Joe and Jane public, not the corporations that fill the campaign coffers of the politicians (that end up working for said corporations after - and before- "public" office). This is a fascist dictatorship with the trappings of "democracy". And the very ones claiming to be against "big and intrusive" government are the ones who actually support the fascist criminal government agenda!

How many times have you heard this clever doubletalk? "We need small, less intrusive government because it helps those poor overtaxed and overregulated corporations benefit society through a free market" (Oh but it DO SOUND PURTY, DON'T IT?).

The irony of the doubletalk from these feudalist tyrants who despise and work 24/7 to make sure there is NO FREE MARKET while claiming they believe in LIBERTY is that they LOVE GIANT, OBTRUSIVE, WAR LOVING, FASCIST GOVERNMENT! They want as strong, big and mean a government as possible JUST AS LONG AS CORPORATIONS RUN IT!

That way, they can get we-the-people to PAY for our own fascist policing and lack of freedom while the corporations and those who run them are never prosecuted for any crimes of ANY TYPE from pollution, to slave wages to money laundering to sex rings to child p o r n ography, etc. (i.e. whatever is "profitable" while being grossly immoral, unethical and criminal = LIBERTY! ).

Libertarians are ORWELLIAN in EVERYTHING they do and say. Prison is too good for them! They want less freedom for the little guy and gal while corporations run ragged over the people and the planet.

For those readers that think critically (ignore all pro-corporate fascist agenda talk disguised as ""anti-strong intrusive government"), here's our situation:

The SOLUTION lies in GOOD GOVERNMENT; the PROBLEM is that CORPORATIONS ARE the present BAD GOVERNMENT! Clever Libertarians and other right wing apologists for rampant and consciense free GREED present "too much" government as "hampering" the "free market" in true Orwellian mindfork.

The method in the madness of these greedballs is to OBTAIN EVEN MORE DESTRUCTIVE POWER FOR THE CORPORATE ELITE AND LESS FOR THE PEOPLE, thereby making a mockery of the terms "democracy" and "free market".

These predators KNOW what they are doing. S h i t canned ethics for short term profits is what these people are all about. They are always looking for someone to kick. Don't let them get away with their clever lies and distortions of the truth.

"It is argued that mega corporations are vital economic engines of growth and contributors to society, whether as a result of jobs created or from products or services provided. It is undeniable that the Japanese zaibatsus and Korean chaebols have played a vital role in the material ascendancy of those countries.

But when the genie escapes the bottle, when he no longer serves his master (customers or the public), when he takes control and makes rules to suit himself to the detriment of others - that is when we should worry. We should worry about the unbridled insatiable greed and lack of accountability increasingly characterising the behaviour of these people." 264

Icecubes in Rockets RLL/G.Chia 2004

Help stop them now before it is too late!

Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuel Polliution
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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