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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 12012 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #870 on: March 06, 2019, 08:39:05 pm »
Stopping the Oppression of the Supermajority!

Thom Hartmann Program

Published on Mar 6, 2019

Tim Wu wrote in the New York Times about the Oppression of the Supermajority.

We Are Not Politically Polarized on Important Issues - So Just Stop It!

75% of Americans want higher taxes for the uberwealthy, 67% want guaranteed maternity leave, 83% are asking for stronger net neutrality protections, 60% are in favor of better privacy laws and 92% want Medicare to negotiate lower drugs prices. The list goes on.

Why are “we” not being heard?

Once Banned 1918 Flu Being Studied in Secret?

Thom Hartmann Program

Published on Mar 5, 2019

Could deadly flu virus studies escape the lab and infect millions without healthcare?

Scientists are resuming once-banned research into the deadly flu virus of 1918, which killed millions, in the hopes of stopping a future similar flu pandemic. 

The public was not informed. The United States is uniquely vulnerable because we have no national health care program.

Canada and Mexico and all of Europe and parts of South and Central America do, but we don’t.  So no matter what kind of vaccine or treatment we come up with to stop the spread of the next version of the deadly flu of 1918, we’re going to have a problem because so many people can’t afford to go to the doctor - or don’t even have a doctor - and will instead walk around contagious, spreading the illness.

Our lack of sick leave compounds it; people who are sick will still go to work in our restaurants and taxis and sneeze on us and our food, increasing the velocity of the spread of the next big disease, whether it be flu or SARS or some new virus that North Korea or another foe could drop into our country.

How Do We Hold Corporations Accountable When People Die ☠️?

Thom Hartmann Program

Published on Mar 5, 2019

When people die ☠️, should the pharma and fossil fuel corporations causing those deaths and then declaring bankruptcy to avoid being held accountable?

If a corporation goes bankrupt, should those who have died, lost money and jobs through those actions, be compensated?

Julio Rivera and Thom debate and, unusually, agree on several points and violently disagree on others.

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