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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 12007 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #810 on: December 03, 2018, 07:10:38 pm »
Quote from: AG
The Russian Oligarchs OWNED Trump LONG before he ran for POTUS.

If you cannot handle that, you are in willful denial. Let me also add that the Republican Party DOES NOT see Russia as an adversary, simply because Russia is run by a Profit Over People and Planet Oligarchy, just as the USA currently is. So, YEAH, the Republicans are happy as pigs in poop to take all the Russian money they can. AND THEY HAVE, AND CONTINUE NOW, to TAKE RUSSIAN MONEY!

Bookmark this post. Most of the Rs in Congress are owned by Russia, and all are actively engaged in obstruction of justice. In the fullness of time all will be revealed. And the fuckwits who have declaimed that "TrumpRussia"is a neocon myth, like Caitlin **** Johnstone, will be revealed for their poor judgment and lack of understanding Or ideological blindness.

Eric Trump admitted to all this before they told him to STFU.

Yep. By the way, have you been able to wade through the 33 page Mueller Motion to get Cohen a lighter sentence? It is quite incriminating of Trump , even if Trump 🦀, as usual, is trying Orwell his way out of his PROVEN COLLUSION by making noises about having the "maximum sentence" book thrown at Cohen.

Palmer Report December 1, 2018 SNIPPET:

The document is thirty-three pages, so we’ll cut to the chase: Michael Cohen is asking for time served. This would mean that he wouldn’t have to report to prison at all. Considering the seriousness of the nine felonies he’s pleaded guilty to, as well as the other felony charges that were waived as part of his deal, this would be a very lenient sentence. The thing is, the mere act that he’s asking for it reveals something.

For a defendant, the goal in a sentencing memo is to ask for something on the lenient end of what might be considered realistic. You don’t want to ask for something absurd, because then the judge might be offended, and might be inclined to not take the request seriously. Considering how closely Michael Cohen has been working with Robert Mueller and other prosecutors – including the events of yesterday – you have to figure that he made this request after running it past them first, and wouldn’t have asked for something that they found offensive, either.

Michael Cohen’s decision to release this document right now, when his sentencing hearing isn’t for nearly two weeks, suggests that he’s trying to capitalize on the public goodwill that he earned yesterday when he helped Robert Mueller expose that Donald Trump was a part of the Trump Tower Moscow conspiracy during the 2016 election. Cohen went a long way yesterday to taking down Donald Trump, as well as bringing Trump’s kids to justice.

We’ll see what Robert Mueller comes back with as far as his sentencing recommendation. The judge could then end up realistically going with anything in between what Mueller asks for and what Cohen asks for. But again, it’s revealing that Cohen thinks he’s in a strong enough position to even ask for a free pass. If Mueller comes anywhere close to recommending time served, it’ll mean that Mueller thinks Cohen has been a really big help in Trump’s downfall.

You can  read the lengthy sentencing memo here.

Full article:


I haven't been following this closely, but I would expect Cohen to eventually be disbarred, which means he loses his livelihood, too. I'm not sure that's completely inevitable, but it has to be 99% certain. Not that I'm against it.

I hope Cohen gets to walk, just to stick it up Trump's nose, but time served seems pretty optimistic.

I don't much care about what happens to Cohen. The fact is that it is now irrefutable the Trump has been lying about his source of funds to run a Presidential Campaign from the getgo. Emptywheel has been on to Trump from the start. Emptywheel is the courageous lady that blew up a huge scandal in the Bush (Shrub, not daddy) Admiinistration that got Cheney's sidekick lawyer liar (I forget the name of that bastard right now -so many bastards - so little time) in big trouble. She wrote a book about it.

Here's the latest on Trump:

December 3, 2018/26 Comments/in 2016 Presidential Election, Mueller Probe /by emptywheel

 If Trump is still POTUS after 2020, the rotton, filthy, massive, oligarhic level of Profit Over People and Planet corruption in this country irreparable. If Mueller leaves no (Roger) Stone unturned  ;D, there is NO WAY Trump avoids indictment for Obstruction of Justice (and other impeachable crimes like "light" TREASON).

I can't help myself.  ;D

Everyone piles on after Donald Trump 🦀 implies someone named “Scott Free” is out to get him

Bill Palmer | 6:04 pm EST December 3, 2018

Palmer Report » Analysis

Most people are familiar with the phrase scot-free. Not everyone knows about its Scottish etymology, or even how to correctly spell it, but everyone knows that “Scott Free” isn’t a person. Then there’s Donald Trump, whose raging Twitter meltdown today was so far over the top, some people came away wondering if Trump might truly think “Scott Free” is a person who has gotten away with some very bad things, and may be out to get him.

For reference, here’s part of Donald Trump’s lengthy attack on Michael Cohen: “He makes up stories to get a GREAT & ALREADY reduced deal for himself, and get his wife and father-in-law (who has the money?) off Scott Free. He lied for this outcome and should, in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence.” While Trump does have a history of improperly capitalizing words for no particular reason, it’s worth pointing out that “Scott” and “Free” are the only two such words in this rant. It didn’t go unnoticed.

Merriam-Webster, the famous dictionary company, was quick to use its official Twitter account to make fun of Donald Trump:

‘Scot-free’: completely free from obligation, harm, or penalty

‘Scott Free’: some guy, probably

Numerous people pointed to the DC Comics superhero Mister Miracle, who also goes by the name Scott Free. Others posted quips like “I’m Scott Free, and I did not approve this message” and “Who is Scott Free? Is this another one of your pseudonyms?” In any case, Donald Trump’s dishonest (and illegal) tweet has left us to conclude that perhaps Michael Cohen should get off scot-free.


GOOD ONE, Surly.  ;D

Ya ain't seen nothing yet.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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