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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 35386 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #765 on: November 03, 2018, 08:10:56 pm »
Trump's Medicare administrator thinks Medicare is 'scary'


Perhaps because that tweet got so much blast-back from an enraged Twitter populace, she came back with this lame rejoinder: “Did I get your attention? Good. Medicare for All isn’t a joke. It’s a multi-trillion dollar drain on the American economy that will bankrupt future generations.

At this point, you're arguing religion with these yahoos. What the "medicare will bankrupt us" crowd will avoid at all costs is a discussion of priorities. It's all about priorities, starting with the "defending the empire" part of the federal budget that ticks in @54 per cent of the budget. Not accounting for transfers and other budget trick that fatten that wad. We'd have money for Medicare for all and a skittle-shitting unicorn in every driveway if we weren't busy diverting so much to insure the capital of a handful of swells.

I understand what you are saying about how propagandized the yahoos are to their own detriment. Nevertheless, I disagree that I'm "arguing religion". Forget "Medicare for all", those yahoos voting Republican are guaranteed Medicare (and social Security) for NOBODY if Republicans remain in power. Of course the Republican/Libertarian voting Fascist Enablers that curse this forum, and the country, play word games with Government bugeting and funding. BUT, I refuse to believe they are so STUPID that they do not see that ROBBING those programs is BAD for THEM, regardless of the warped priorities in their "yahoo religion" about what government "wastes money" on. These fuckers pretend to wail and p i s s and moan about 'govment givaways' when they KNOW DAMNED GOOD AND WELL that the most MASSIVE economy destroying GOVERNMENT GIVEAWAYS are to Wall/War/Oil Street. THAT is why the DUMB FUCKS here who live and die by the Stock Market hang on to that with bated breath! They KNOW the Fascists in power are a pack of crooks and they, instead rejecting this GRAND LARCENY, just wish to cash in on the CROOKS AND LIARS GRAVY TRAIN while they can.      

Well, they will soon have even more INNOCENT BLOOD on their hands than they ALREADY HAVE by voting for the Fascist Republican Bastards who tried, since 2010, OVER 70 TIMES to DEFUND the ACA, and finally succeeded in getting millions of poor and needy people, MOSTLY WHITE, to be FORCED to choose between medical care and FOOD!

Those IRRESPONSIBLE BASTARDS who parade themselves here as "good citizens", including those LIARS that claim Trump 🦀, who was getting PAID $200,000 a YEAR from the time he was FOUR YEARS OLD (as part of an inheritance avoidance scam by daddy but TRUMP DID KEEP THAT GIVEAWAY, UNEARNED, MONEY!), is a "successful businessman" (BULLSHIT!!!) are so calloused by their comfortable life and economic security that they cannot see that they have been taken for WORLD CLASS SUCKERS by the Fascist Oligarchs pulling the Republican machine strings.

All that said, the GREEDBALLS (normally business owners, NOT employees) who are so short sighted and STUPID as to celebrate the imminent destruction of the "entitlement" programs on behalf of "Wall Street controlled Privatization", BECAUSE the employers 🐷 won't have to "pay" part of employee Social Security and Health Insurance when those programs are Fascist KAPUT ", are fooling themselves into thinking that employees will not demand FAR HIGHER wages to cover the same thing. I mean, are these business ASSHOLES so STUPID that they don't GET the fact that EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY, NOT CEO GREED, is what keeps the USA from cratering?

Don't they GET that the loss of those hugely successful SOCIALIST PROGRAMS has prevented an untold amount of LOSS of employee productivity and made the workforce healthier and more secure?

Do these TRUMP WORSHIPPING Employer MORONS REALLY BELIEVE the historically proven LIE that the best way to run a business is to keep your employees in fear through insecurity, slave wages and no recourse or rights?

If they really are that STUPID , then this country is TOTALLY F U C K E D and will soon experience THE most bloody revolution that has cursed the world TO DATE.

Surly, I am hoping that Right Wingers on this forum resolve to STOP SHOOTING THEMSEVES IN THERE SOCIAL DARWINIST WORSHIPPING, MIGHT EQUALS RIGHT BELIEVING, FACE. If they don't, I will at least be comforted by the fact that people like me (and you and millions more who can actually add and subtract) at least warned them. 

It’s a multi-trillion dollar drain on the American economy that will bankrupt future generations.

Who gets the SSI deductions after the drain is stopped?  Do I not understand self funding?

K-Dog, stop speaking in vague metaphors. If you want to talk seriously about Federal Government budgeting, stop going off the SHALLOW END of non sequitur economic perspective free discourse. The Wall Street Fed babied PONZI SCHEME is what is bankrupting this country, NOT Social Security and Medicare.  

AND, if you keep voting Republican, you will end up without either of those programs, BECAUSE THOSE PROGRAMS are the only ones that ACTUALLY have funds to be robbed from by your Republican and Libertarian, Profit over People and Planet, Racist **** friends in Wall Street controlled Government.

Now if that is just too complicated for you to figure out, then go ahead, VOTE REPUBLICAN. Don't blame me when your ass is Fascist Grass, even before it is Climate Change Catastrophe GRASS!

However, I will certainly blame you and everybody else who irresponsibly, irrationally AND self destructively, supports the Republican Party.


Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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