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Author Topic: Corporate Profits over Patient in the Health Care Field  (Read 1656 times)

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    • Agelbert Truth AND Consequences
Big Sugar  Buried Evidence to Hide Sugar Harms

Story at-a-glance

֍ The sugar industry has long known that sugar consumption triggers poor health, but hid the incriminating data, much like the tobacco industry hid the evidence linking smoking to lung cancer

֍ Historical documents show the sugar industry has spent decades manipulating, molding and guiding nutritional research to exonerate sugar by shifting the blame for obesity and heart disease to saturated fat

֍ The documents also show the sugar industry buried evidence from the 1960s that linked sugar consumption to heart disease and bladder cancer. At the time, food additives shown to cause cancer in animals were banned

֍ Sucrose was also found to have an adverse effect on cholesterol and triglycerides

֍ Just like it defended sugar in food by shifting the blame onto dietary fats, the sugar industry also made sure sugar did not become a concern within dentistry by shifting the focus onto the need for fluoride

Full article: 


Agelbert NOTE: Back in 1985 when I went back to college to study pre-med, I learned of what medical science calls the "sugar reflex". The metabolic immediate effects of sugar molecules on the most life forms, including humans, is a hormonal trigger telling the organism to "GET MORE OF THAT GREAT STUFF"! Sugar is cheap energy which, though essential to survival when starvation conditions exist, is extremely harmful due to the fact that eating it encourages fat cell population increase, anoxic conditions in the liver (too many fat cells there) which cause inefficent liver function (all sorts of enzymes you need are no longer produced in sufficent quantity), which leads to cirrhocis  and metabolic diseases like cardiovascular dysfunction, obesity and diabetes.

Now medical science knows quite a bit more about the metabolic downsides of the sugar reflex.

Among the diseases resulting from eating too much sugar that I mentioned above, diabetes is the one everybody seems to know about. However, they don't know the PROCESS, that any pre-med student now should know, that starts with the sugar reflex.

You see, you have millions of these little tiny biological machines inside you called H3 receptors. You know how the pancreas does its insulin thing to help the mitochondria in your cells metabolize all that sugar you were gamed into eating by the sugar reflex (i.e. hormone triggers happy day! Lots of cheap energy! Go GIT IT!).

What you aren't being told is that eating cheap crap like refined sugar causes a major adjustment in your biochemstry. That is, the H3 receptors flag the system that TOO MANY of them are being activated. Unlike Capitalism, your body's systems know when too much cheap energy (i.e. metabolic HARMFUL 'profit') is coming in. Capitalists do not understand the concept of harmful profit. Thus they doom themselves. But I digress. ;D Your body, generally speaking, knows what too much of a 'good' thing is, but your brain can be fooled by the sugar reflex into overcoming the mechanisms your biochemistry has for dealing with harmful (i.e. excess) energy.

The system then tweaks the H3 receptor "software" ;D so they need a lot more sugar in the blood than before to be activated. Thus, you begin the path that leads you to diabetes. The pancreas reaches a  point where the H3 receptors will not budge to signal it to make insulin. Your mitichondria cannot metabolize the sugar and you get hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) and possibly pass out (or go into a coma). You can go into an equally dangerous hypoglycemic condition too. It is very bad news to be diabetic.

Some reading this might say that all medical science needs to do is retweak those H3 receptors so your system can work with a normally small amount of insulin, as it did before. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The H3 receptors peter out as you move towards being a diabetic, so the pancreas will not make insulin, so  you then need insulin injections.

Stay AWAY from refined sugar if you want to live longer. And, by the way, your teeth will last longer too.

For those who want to learn a bit of Histamine metabolic fun and games associated with H3 receptors, enjoy the study at the link below:


Since the inhibitory effect of neuronal histamine on food intake was first reported in 1973 (Clineschmidt and Lotti, 1973), many studies have shown that histamine acts as a neurotransmitter in energy homeostasis, modulating hypothalamic neuronal activities (Jorgensen et al., 2007). A H3 receptor inverse agonist increased the hypothalamic concentration of histamine, leading to reduced food intake and body weight (Malmlof et al., 2005). Conversely, a H3 receptor agonist suppressed hypothalamic histamine release and elicited feeding behaviour in rats (Chiba et al., 2009). Betahistine, a partial inverse agonist at H3 receptors, induced significant weight loss with minimal adverse events in women under 50 years of age (Barak et al., 2008). Moreover, the centrally acting H3 receptor protean agonist proxyfan reduced blood glucose level and exhibited anti-diabetic properties in mice (Henry et al., 2011). Based on all these findings, neuronal H3 receptors have attracted substantial attention as a potential therapeutic target in obesity (Leurs et al., 2005).

The expression and function of histamine H3 receptors in pancreatic beta cells

The expression and function of histamine H3 receptors in pancreatic beta cells
T Nakamura,1 T Yoshikawa,1 N Noguchi,2 A Sugawara,3 A Kasajima,4 H Sasano,4 and K Yanai1

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