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Author Topic: Corporate Profits over Patient in the Health Care Field  (Read 3288 times)

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Your story puts me in mind of the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

As you know, the parable originated in ancient India, from where it made the rounds in many different cultures. However the meaning of the popular proverb differs in other countries. A group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before and who feel a different part of the elephant's body, and then describe the elephant based on their limited experience. Of course, their descriptions are different from each other. The moral being that humans tend to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people's limited, subjective experiences.

I know some limited things about WP. You know some stuff about Discus and Createaforum, whereas I would never even have the gumption to stand up such a thing.

Likewise I don't know about people hijacking graphics. I tend to rely on Occam's razor in such matters, and figure it's me that is **** up. Which is not to gainsay your experience; I don't know what is happening, but efforts like this, and even DD, are too small to attract t much notice on the part of the surveillance state.

But on. the other hand, there is the experience of K-Dog to consider, as described on the Diner.

Anyhow, I am glad to come on over here and pitch some stuff up from time to time. Nice place ya got here, AG!!

Thanks Bro. I'm glad for your company. ✨

As to the graphics, I may be paranoid, but that don't mean they ain't out to GIT me.

Sorry about the censor on this forum. The place is free and words like (without the hyphen) fu-ck, sh-it, pi-ss, and, as ridiculous as it seems, even gam-ble ::) (and so on) are automatically X'ed out 🙊.

The word BULLSHIT is okay though! I use that one a lot, though certainly never in regard to the content of my posts. ;D

I have a partial list of hacked images (they do not display). Here is one of them:

You don't see a thing, do you? Me neither.  Well, it is there. It is in my "All Graphics Enchilada" (I told you how I store my smileys and other images for quick use some years ago) document with the exact same code generated when I created the graphic.

THIS is the code (with spaces here and there so you can see it):

[cen ter][img width= 640]http://renewablerevolution.createaforum.com/gallery/renewablerevolution/3-251117173650.png [ /img][ /ce nter]

Now if you take that "http link and slap it on the internets, here is what you GET:

Create a Forum Free Forum Hosting
Hmmm, we can not find a forum with that address
Did you mean to create a forum?
You can sign up for a free forum here.

ALL the hacked ones give EXACTLY the same results. 😈 Still, the elephant may be just a big mouse or an irrelevant moose. So, we need to look at the nature of the images that don't show AND the ones that are always good to go. Smileys are always good to go. I've never had a problem there. To make a long study short, with the exception of a gif of dripping water, that I have used repeatedly to imply that we-the-people have just about HAD IT with government fascist corruption, ALL of the images that do not show are images that attack, expose, or otherwise criticize the Fossil Fuel Industry's Profit Over People and Planet mendacious propaganda which is peddled to undermine the threat of Catastrophic Climate Change to the biosphere in general, and humans in particular. 

I may be groping in the dark but this thing sure feels like a Republican Fascist Elephant to me! However, I have not presented my case to you with some evidence that may convince you that something very bad is going on here and it is quite deliberate, no matter how few my viewers are.

🤔Let's take the image example I gave you. what is it about that image (which is a screenshot from a video hosted by Kevin Anderson) that may have made some Status Quo Defending Fossil Fuelers a bit noivy?

This is the video:

Kevin Anderson on Climate Change: Universities making things worse

I'll watch the whole video again and make another screenshot of the original image (I unfortunately hadn't saved the one that was hacked on my computer before it stopped displaying).

Then I'll quote this post and post it. The reality may be as the establishment elephant below states, but I do not think so.

Okay, I just found the place on the video that I took the Screenshot that was hacked. I created another image (this time I stored the original in my computer, so hackers reading this can expect me to recreate said image every time the one I am about to post "mysteriously" will not display  ;)) and uploaded it to this forum.

This is it:

NOW, perhaps you can see why SOMEBODY that makes a lot of money from the CORRUPT, Biosphere degrading status quo, would not want the IRREFUTABLE TRUTH quoted above (IOW mens rea modus operandi of the elite planet polluters) to get around too much...

That is just one of the hacked images. Like I said, the subject matter "dots" on all of them connect to exposing those empathy deficit disordered psychopaths who profit over people and planet. I can show you five or six others if you wish.

I had to make BOTH of the following images three times because of the lack of display "problem".

The diagram of doom from methane and the methane monster graphics I frequently used experienced the same "would not display" thing. Statistically, the dots add up. This is not coincidental nor the product of some code error on my part. I have confirmed that empirically.

You need to understand the effects of this. EVERY post I made on Disqus AND on this forum AND in the Doomstead Diner with those graphics over the last 7 years or so NO LONGER DISPLAYS those images. I am convinced it was deliberate. They are erasing graphics in posting that used the graphics to make important points. The KNOW that. THAT is why they are doing the old "Down the Memory Hole" MindFORK ORWELLIAN TRICK hither and yon. It will get worse unless these Fossil Fuel FASCIST 🐉🦕🦖 F U C K S are removed from power.

What happened to K-Dog?

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