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Author Topic: 911 > September 11 2001 > U.S. Fascist COUP?  (Read 1215 times)

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The Saudis were bit players. Nothing will come of that except to keep people from looking at JEB Bush, Cheney. Rumsfeld AND the Mossad, who were the REAL masterminds  of 9/11. Highjackers did not fire a missle at the Pentagon, RUMSFELD ordered that TREASON. Highjackers did not plant explosives in the WTC towers, the MOSSAD, as authorized and directed by CHENEY and SHRUB, did. Without pre-planted explosives and without a missile making a hole in the Pentagon and without a FAKE hole in the ground where an (See: "Let's roll" made for Hollywood "heroic patriots" tear jerking narrative M.I.C. LIES) airliner "disappeared into", you DO NOT have .


The Saudi PATSIES are real and the Saudi money they got is real, but their role was as patsies, period. I am a pilot. There is NO WAY IN HELL that those novice pilots could fly those airliners into the WTC towers, PERIOD.

So, who did? The control center at WTC 7 (undoubtedly designed for this heinous purpose and passed off as an "Emergency Communications Center 😇 for New York" ) handled the remote control software (😈 developed and marketed to the USAF, by pure coincidence, by one of the KEY members of the 9/11 Commission WHITEWASH) on board those airliners as drones, PERIOD. THAT, not the Enron and Worldcom files, is the REASON WTC 7 had to be demolished. Then New York Mayor Rudy Giulliani (and present Trump 🦀 pal) is in this up to his traitorous neck.

Although it will probably never happen, what we need is an order by a judge to get each and every e-mail sent and received by Jeb Bush, that fine fellow that organized the "New" Pearl Harbor PNAC Paper in 1998 and riggged votes in Florida in 2000 by illegally tossing off blacks and anyone else who might not vote Republican, from January 1, 1997 to August 31, 2001. The Jeb Bush neocon PNAC 9/11 Mens rea/Cui bono is so thick you can't cut it with a chainsaw.

In that e-mail treasure trove of planned high treason and mass murder, you would probably learn how the Bush clan had JFK junior killed to make sure Shrub didn't have to run against him. Also, some Quid Pro Quo "negotiations" with certain members of the Supreme Court in regard to the year 2000 Presidential (s)election would be exposed in all their corrupt, filthy, traitorous, fascist glory.

Oh, and while the judge is at it, subpoena each and every person present at that party that was tossed by Donald Rumsfeld, a little less than a month after 9/11, where an amazingly complete list of card carrying PNAC members were present, to explain, IN DETAIL, WTF they were CELEBRATING.

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