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Author Topic: 2020 Presidential Election  (Read 15131 times)

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The Palmer Report has gone FULL DEFAMATORY ANTI-Sanders propaganda. Do NOT support the 😈 Palmer Report.

Ozy Mandias 👍

Palmer Report reveals it is a bad acting Russian propaganda tool. This post is nothing but outrageous lies given the results in Nevada.

Let's list them:

1. Sanders is getting "around 30%" of the vote - LIE. He won Nevada with just under 50%.

2. Nevada is disproportionally white - LIE. There was a 35% minority vote in the Nevada caucus.

3. Sanders is posting "offensive Trump-like" tweets - LIE. No tweets provided by PR as examples and the one the article refers to is hardly offensive.

4. The tweet has created a "ton of backlash" - LIE. No such backlash exists. Go read the thread for yourselves. No one cares outside the Russian propaganda machine called Palmer Report.

5. "Sanders has yet to retract his offensive tweet" - LIE. Straw man propaganda tactic. The tweet isn't offensive therefore absolutely no reason to "retract" it. Also, known as gaslighting and being completely full of .

6. "...too busy keeping quiet about the fact that the Kremlin has been helping his campaign - LIE. Sanders has disclosed this "news" and basically told Russia to FU CK off.

7. "...attacking the media for daring to report true stories" - LIE. Again, not happening and of course, no citations, just a baseless straw man attack.

That is 7 examples of easily proven lies and propaganda in just one article. These same tactics and others are used by PR in every post in order to dupe rubes into voting against their own interests in favor of the oligarchy. 😠

Start thinking for yourselves. Start looking at other sources for news. Do not trust any website/source which claims legitimacy and progressive advocacy while hiding behind anonymity and obfuscation.

Again, do not trust me. Find out the truth for yourselves and for gawd's sake; quit giving this fraudulent hack money!

BathtubEarth 👍
How is a tweet that poses a couple of easily answerable questions a “takedown”? What is the establishment? Easy... that would be the network of players who give and receive large amounts of money to buy power and forward their pet causes. This is precisely the question Bernie Sanders has been answering and the reason he is WINNING!

The more interesting question is, who pays Bill Palmer’s salary? If you google him, you’ll find that he’s notoriously shadowy. What we do know is that he used to run a pro-Hillary website called, Daily News Bin. Of course, we all know that Hillary’s unpopularity was because she was corrupt, indebted to the special interests that funded her, or in other words... deeply establishment.

Pat, I’d like to go ahead and solve the puzzle... Bill Palmer is a schill for the same monied 👹💵🎩 interests behind Hillary Clinton. That’s who Bill Palmer represents, because that’s who pays him. So sorry your dear Hillary lost, Bill! As it turns out, people aren’t so stupid... they saw right through her as they can see through you. Poor Butthurt Billy Palmer.

Agelbert NOTE: The above comments which expose Palmer's malice and aforethought pattern of attacking Sanders with a tsunami of defamation and bold faced lies were made in response to the following hit piece by Palmer:

Bill Palmer | 12:01 pm EST February 23, 2020

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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