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Author Topic: 🌟 IMPEACHMENT SCORE 🌠  (Read 5124 times)

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Lordy, there are tapes – and Lev Parnas has given them to the 🦅 House impeachment inquiry

Bill Palmer | 7:30 pm EST November 24, 2019

Palmer Report » Analysis

It turns out Lev Parnas wasn’t bluffing when he said he had hard evidence against Donald Trump, and that he was cooperating with the House impeachment inquiry into the Ukraine extortion scandal. It turns out there are tapes of Trump and Rudy Giuliani – and now it’s been confirmed that Parnas has indeed given them to the House.

The House impeachment inquiry has received audio and video recordings, as well as photographs, from Lev Parnas. This is according to a bombshell new report tonight from ABC News, which says that the House subpoenaed Parnas for the hard evidence, and he complied.

It’s not yet clear precisely what is on these recordings, but ABC says that Trump and Rudy are definitely included. This strongly suggests that Lev was secretly recording his meetings and/or phone calls with Trump and Rudy all along, as a form of insurance in case he ended up finding himself in this situation.

Notably, the ABC article quotes Lev Parnas’ lawyer as saying that Parnas is willing to testify in the House impeachment inquiry. His testimony on its own wouldn’t be worth much. But if his hard evidence corroborates his testimony, that would be a very different story. In any case, if these tapes are as incriminating as they sound like they are, they’ll certainly be part of upcoming House impeachment hearings in one way or another.


Agelbert NOTE: Enjoy these great comments from knowledgeable readers who explain who Lev Parnas is and why his life is now in danger because he really can sink Trump (and Nunes and Giuliani) good and proper:

Bev Henderson
I hope he has tapes of his conversations with Nunes too.

Sharman Galloway
I hope he has body guards. If he has evidence agains Rudy and Putin's , it could be very dangerous for him.

Greta Kirby
Smarter than I would have ever thought him to be!

Mike Smith
he sounds like an intel agent of somebody's. if you read that lawsuit he just lost parnas sounds like a con man. so i am thinking he is not an employee of russian intel but more a useful idiot, thats why he may be giving up the chief idiot.

Brigitte Hartmaan
I told you that Parnas will talk like nobody else and he is talking! Not only that.He make such an explosion about Devin Nunes who met with Viktor Schokin about Biden's dirt. Who is former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Schokin a main hand of Viktor Yanukovich? Manufacturer of false cases on Yanukovich opponents. Corruptor on mega steroids with dinner sets from highest probe of gold, with gold and diamond crown, with portraits of him dressed as Roman Emperor in gold & gems all over. Yesterday on FOX Rudy named Schokin "fighter with corruption". Right after the bloody Maidan in 2014 Schokin escaped to Moscow with Putin's help but another "brave fighter with corruption" Zelensky Welcomed him back to Ukraine, gave him green light for his dirty doings and Schokin again feeling absolutely free...

Bert Strijk
ABC News also reported that some of the information the House Intel Committee wants is in possession of the Southern District of New York which and has not yet been turned over. Giuliani is also under investigation by the Southern District of New York over his alleged involvement in a plot to remove then-ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who testified to the impeachment inquiry last week.

In This Article: Donald Trump , Lev Parnas , Rudy Giuliani
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John Porter
Blockbuster news! Too bad FOX viewers won't ever hear about it. I watched a segment on Reliable Sources this am, and Stelter played what FOX reported, as compared to what actually happened. In every case, FOX just plain out and out lied.

Judy Mitchell
Wow and the stories keep coming. 👍

Bill Knudson
This could very well put the House conclusion time frame well beyond Christmas.

Timeline ESTIMATE to the 2.3.20 Iowa Caucus; starting from today
24-Nov -- 71 -- Days to Iowa Caucus
28-Nov -- 67 -- Thanksgiving
5-Dec -- 60 -- House TV hearings concludes--post McGan and Bolton
10-Dec -- 55 -- Senate starts impeachment trial
13-Dec -- 52 -- Winter break Dec 13
25-Dec -- 40 -- Christmas
8-Jan -- 26 Senate reconvenes
17-Jan -- 17 Senate verdict
3-Feb -- 0 -- Iowa Caucus---a Monday
6-Feb -- Stone Sentencing
11-Feb -- New Hampshire primary

Marion Loyce
Thank you, Bill Knudson. I predict the majority of Americans will want impeachment by Christmas and a considerable number of conservatives will lose their support for tRump. By that time, the SStRump will have many more exposures of corruption, as well as GOPers like Nunes. This is unfolding quite well.


Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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