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Author Topic: 🌟 IMPEACHMENT SCORE 🌠  (Read 5135 times)

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Gordon Sondland just formally revised his House impeachment testimony Ė and itís devastating to Donald Trump
Bill Palmer | 2:14 pm EST November 5, 2019
Palmer Report Ľ Analysis

This is huge, because while Gordon Sondlandís original testimony was bad enough for Donald Trump in its own right, his revised testimony is far worse for Trump. It looks like Sondland wasnít willing to bet his future on Trump pardon that was never going to arrive anyway, and heís instead seeking to make amends with the House. Instead Sondlandís testimony could end up helping to send Trump to prison when this is all said and done.


Not so fast, AG and Bill. If you watch the eager, craven lickspittles of the Freedumb Caucus, as epitomized by the McCarthys and Jim Jordans of the world, you'll see that their coming defense of Trump will be entirely fact free. Bill makes the mistake of thinking that the upcoming Senate trial will be about evidence.With the facts and the law against them, the R's will pound the table and say that none of it matters because, as Nixon averred, "if the president does it it's not illegal."

The Rs also realize that the only jury that matters is the jury of public opinion. That will have to translate into pressure on red-state Senators who would be obliged to vote to convict. Last night's electoral results may give some of them pause. If I were a Dem strategist for the 2020 Senate races, I'd be hanging the #TeamTreason moniker around the neck of any R who voted to acquit.

As I said in the article I wrote (and posted here somewhere), the coming battle will be fought on TV. Only if Rs hear from their constituents will they waver. And according to recent polls, nearly 60 percent of Rs say there is NOTHING Trump could do to lose their support.

Point taken. But let us get totally real here. There is a method to the  🐘 Fascists 'R' US "madness". The very same sophist bullshit artists would vote to Impeach (AND remove from office AND Imprison) a Democratic POTUS that engaged in even 5% of Trump and his Wrecking Crew's Impeachable crimes. So, you know they never did believe the Nixonian "if the POTUS does it, it's all good" koolaid.

Their embrace of selectively unethical behavior is pure game theory. It is a calculation based on what they must do to dance with those who brung them (i.e. the American Fascist Oligarchs!). They don't give a tinker's damn what the mass of the voters want. They took care of THAT particular "problem" when they corrupted the low population states into being "red" states.

If you look at the map of the Congressional Representatives that favor impeachment (229, over half of the 435 total, barely makes a dent on the total map!), you get an excellent idea of how the low population states have been 🐘 gamed AGAINST the best interests of the population, especially when you consider the totally corrupt 🐘 Senators from the low population states (Vermont is the only good guy there):

So, unless the oligarchs tell these 🐘 consciense free lackey Senators to do otherwise, they will certainly vote, as you stated, to acquit Trump.

Yeah, I know Palmer has cited, in addition to the above testimony, the Appeals Court Decison (and the real possibility that SCOTUS will refuse to hear the Trump appeal) as a rational basis for claiming Trump is toast. I began my reasoning there, but added the impact of that on the future plans of TPTB (i.e. American Fascist Oligarchs).

You and I share in the cynicism about Republican Senators. You think that those lackeys will only vote to impeach if sufficient public pressure is placed on them. I do not think any of those bastards respond to public pressure.

BUT, the fascist oligarchs, to a certain degree, DO respond to the high probablity of a certain kind of public pressure. They do not want chaos to erupt in the USA.

The claim by the Republicans that impeaching Trump "will cause Chaos" is pure Orwellian BULLSHIT. They have it exactly backwards. NOT 💣 impeaching Trump is pure explosive 💥 dynamite. I am convinced that the American Oligarchs do not want that. Maybe they do, and I am wrong, but revolutions are bad for business. Also, the oligarchs get a bright read bullseye painted on them during revolutions. EVERYBODY knows where all the most extravagant mansions are, if you know what I mean.

And that is why, after reading  that Palmer post, I came to conclusion that Trump really is toast, but not for the same reasons that Palmer voiced.

Surly, you and I have discussed democracy and the lack of it in the USA for several years now. We generally agree that the USA is becoming less democratic, not more. The corollary to less democracy is more oligarchic say in politics, is it not?

The American Fascist Oligarchs are the ONLY "constituency" that Republican Senators listen respectfully to. 

The American Fascist Oligarchs will be the ones who put Trump in the toaster, not "pressure from the voters". To the Oligarchs, the highest unethical fine fellows on the Fascist totem pole (i.e. the oligarchs) have game theory priority. It is not personal, it's just pure and unadulterated Oligarchic "😈 enlightened self interest".
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