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Author Topic: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth  (Read 16389 times)

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Re: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth
« Reply #225 on: January 20, 2017, 12:31:22 pm »
An average server draws 400 watts/ hour, ...

I stopped reading at that point because the author obviously doesn't know their watts from their elbow - or to be more accurate, Energy from Power, there's no such thing as watts/hour.

And 400 watts is a daft figure based on the maximum power rating of a desktop PC's power supply, used to power the computer, the GPU, the hard disc drives, optical disc drive, all the USB attached devices, the Ethernet connection.  Servers don't have any of that crap, and go out of their way to use low power, about 3 watts.

So can we assume that you think the internet can (and will) be powered by renewable energy then? 

What would your more enlightened calculations be for the amount of energy that the internet gobbles up?

The biggest energy hogs in human civilization are Oil Refineries. For example, the state of TEXAS uses 44% MORE electricity (because of OIL refinery DEMAND for electricity, whether coal, wind, nuke or gas sourced) than the next one in line (California, FAR more populous than Texas).

NO, the ERoEI of OIL DOES NOT adequately take into account that electrical energy use when figuring ERoEI of gasoline (OF COURSE!   ) or ANY OTHER OIL REFINERY PRODUCT. THAT is why the term they use cleverly has the word "invested" in it. The TRICK is to make people believe that  the amount of ENERGY required to produce the  fossil fuel product is LESS than the amount you GET from it. THAT IS A LIE.

However, until recently, since the fossil fuelers are massively "subsidized" (THEFT from taxpayers all over the WORLD) the MONEY you INVESTED provided a nice fat return.

Both PV and wind power, even with the pittance in subsidies given to them, NOW have a higher ERoEI in money.

When pollution remediation costs are figured (something NOT included in ANY fossil Fuel ERoEI figures that Palloy has quoted here from time to time.   ), Renewable Energy ALWAYS had a higher ERoEI than fossil fuels or nuclear CRAP.

Germany gets all that. Here's some projections form Germany on comparable costs of different energy sources projected to 2050.

Agora Energiewende

Renewable vs fossil power systems: a cost comparison (Germany  8))

By 2050, an electricity supply based on renewable energies could be either approximately as expensive as or even cheaper than a fossil-based electricity system, if the cost of a tonne of CO₂ is 50 euros or more, according to a scenario comparison by the Institute of Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut), commissioned by think tank Agora Energiewende.*

The analysis showed that the cost comparison depended mainly on future fuel and CO₂ prices, which were difficult to foretell, according to Patrick Graichen, director of Agora Energiewende.

Yet, the analysis made clear: “Not to carry out an energy transition does not mean one doesn’t have energy costs – but different ones. And those could be higher than originally expected,” said Graichen in the foreword.

A renewable energy power system would have the added value of “shielding the national economy as a whole from increasingly volatile price developments for fossil fuels,”
says the analysis. Climate protection targets cannot be reached with any of the fossil-based scenarios.

Comparison of total system costs of predominantly renewable, coal and natural gas-based power systems with CO2 prices of 50 euros in 2050. Source - Öko-Institut / Agora Energiewende 2017.


*Like the Clean Energy Wire, Agora Energiewende is a project funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Climate Foundation.

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