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Author Topic: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth  (Read 18433 times)

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Re: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth
« Reply #330 on: October 02, 2018, 11:38:01 am »

The Key To A Successful Energy Transition

October 1st, 2018 by The Beam


We experienced three major development phases:

In phase 1, renewables played a niche role in our grids, below 10% of total consumption. To some extent we could just ignore the renewables — they integrated themselves. We still had to speed along a fast learning curve, since weather forecast instruments had to be developed and the company had to manage all billing and accounting data from new energy sources. But overall, it wasn’t very important whether or not some mistakes occurred because the overall amount of renewables in our electricity system was still comparatively small.

In phase 2, renewables became a major component of our electricity system. We moved up to 40% of the yearly consumption covered by renewables. We had in this second stage to review all our system control processes, to develop tailor-made and more accurate weather forecasts. We were faced with changing regulations, process changes to act closer to real-time and to start steering renewables infeed. We intensified the real-time cooperation with distribution grids and neighbouring grids. With the increase of decentralized production that is also often far away from consumer centers, in our case especially wind energy, electricity has to be transported over much longer distances. That’s why we had to start important grid reinforcement projects — inside our area and to interconnect us better with our neighboring regions. Grid reinforcement provides more capacity to exchange electricity and unleashes additional flexibility potential. That is another fundamental lesson.

In the third phase, above 40%, renewables become the dominant players. They now set the scene, new market products closer to real-time are needed, ancillary services have more and more to be provided by renewables, and finally a new market design is progressively needed. The demand side, the customers, become more important and can offer flexibility. In our control area, new types of large-scale storage become an issue when we are around 60–70% renewables. And we expect then also electricity, heat and gas sectors to converge progressively.

Full article:

Agelbert COMMENT:

Germany is doing well. They could do better, but considering what the other highly industrialized countries are NOT doing, Germany is way ahead in the Transistion to Renewable Energy. ✨💫

My comment is about the USA but it applies to all countries on the planet.

The most important fact about fossil fuel energy products that the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Corporations 😈 go out of their way to hide from we-the-customers is that their profit margin is based on volume sales. Yes, they get the subsidy welfare queen gravy train on top of that, but the margin is the "ball" you need to keep your eye on. 🧐

Renewable Energy is eating away  at that slim margin the fossil fuelers rely on through demand destruction. What the fossil fuelers will never admit is that you do not need to destroy 100% of the demand for polluting energy products to bankrupt the polluters. Because the polluters absolutely MUST HAVE high volume in order to make a profit, all we need to do is enable Renewable Energy to destroy between 10% and 20% of the demand.

Some will find that hard to believe. 👀 ⁉️ 🤔

Well, if you think that is baloney, I suggest you check out Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Amory published  "Reinventing Fire" (over 5 years ago), the peer reviewed road map to 100% Renewable Energy. In so many words backed by hard energy facts and decades of data, he makes that crystal clear. The hyped happy talk about fossil fuels has always disguised the reality that their business model is far more fragile than they let on. The RMI knows that and has worked tirelessly to let people and fossil fuel corporations know (yes, even saying that to Shell!) that Renewable Energy is the only option for a viable biosphere AND a sustainable energy business model.

Renewable Energy is running the polluters out of business. That is why the polluters spend so much money desperately trying to convince us that they are our "loyal servants just doing what we ask them to do".

Look at this map of Federally owned land (and ocean areas). Imagine the VAST amount of Renewable Energy (geothermal, solar, wind, etc.) that can be tapped (FAR MORE than we actually need to supply all U.S. energy needs!) for the purpose of eliminating all fossil fuel use, but is, INSTEAD, reserved FOR Hydrocarbon Hellspawn 🦕🦖 PRIVATIZED PROFIT Corporate exploitation: 🤬

This video will give you and idea of the vast amount of geothermal energy in those same areas waiting to be tapped:

📢 The wind and solar potential in the same areas is off the charts as well. 

Renewable Energy knocks out 10% to 20% of the demand for dirty energy and it is OVER for the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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