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Author Topic: Sustainable Food Production  (Read 2954 times)

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Rusty Waves of Grain


One more reason why MONOCULTURE predatory capitalist profit worshipping agriculture at the expense of the biosphere is STUPID.  >:(

This video illustrates PERFECTLY (without wanting to do so!) the stupid, reductionist, profit mentality of "modern" (as in mono-culture idiocy) agriculture. You will note that the Melinda Gates Foundation (GMO champion for corporate profits disguised as "helping feed and protect humanity"  ;))  is funding this latest GMO target ( wheat fungus).

Why is this exactly the wrong approach? First of all, because, rather than question monoculture practice as the MAIN CAUSE of an opportunistic fungus going hog wild when a large, concentrated food source is available (something nature normally avoids in its vast plant diversity for that VERY REASON - preventing organism population unbalances in the biosphere), the scientists merely state that the fungus reproduces rapidly when "the conditions are suitable".

Well, no kidding! These worthies have a tremendous capacity for the obvious! Unfortunately, their blind spot in elementary logic is just as big! And that is, If you have a huge concentrated food supply, you just left the proven method that nature uses to keep balance in the biosphere behind! You profit loving fools are asking for a fungal, bacterial and or insect "plague" to UNDO THE UNBALANCE IN THE BIOSPHERE. Oh, but it is corporate capitalist heresy to question monoculture so the "suitable conditions" for the fungus to feast on the wheat are not considered "the problem"   

The "problem" is now the fungus!  "It's a new strain! It EVOLVED! iT'S DANGEROUS!" 

 Never mind that LOTS of opportunistic life forms in nature ALWAYS go after a concentrated food source, there's money to be made by GMOing the wheat to resist the fungus or GMOing the fungus so it won't eat the wheat!

So, these bought and paid for "luminaries" set out do us all a big "favor"  by "saving the wheat from the fungus". 

As you will see in the video, that pesky  ;D fungus has quite a few tricks up its "sleeve", so to speak. It even lives on surrounding vegetation for a while before pouncing on the wheat.

Of course, if they manage to slow the fungus down, there will be a thousand other species of life forms out there lining up to repair the UNBALANCE IN THE BIOSPHERE known as a concentrated monoculture food supply.

Scientists, because they are so abysmally ignorant (while egotistically and pridefully claiming they have nature mostly figured out - NOT!) of the incredible complexity of the biochemical processes in the biosphere, MUST work WITH the biosphere's laws, not against them. Of course the Profit over Planet IntelliMORONS don't want to hear that...   ;)

Monoculture needs to be eliminated. Various crops must grow mixed. Soil must not be plowed, perennial grains, not annuals must be grown. Then there will never be a concentrated food supply for any single organism and they, predators and prey, will balance out and NO GMO will be necessary. The HEALTH of humanity, as well as the biosphere, will then be SUSTAINABLE.

What WON'T be sustainable, is corporate GMO monoculture profit over planet. 

Pass it on. The planet you save may be your own. 

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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