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Author Topic: Salt - Over 14 THOUSAND uses + a potential Renewable Energy Source  (Read 1761 times)

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Besides the possibility of extremely low cost energy (no matter how "freely available" the energy is, somebody will have to be paid to mind the machines that process it  8)), the fact is that the problem has never been about ENERGY itself, as the Palloys  of this world loudly claim in a half truth medley of sophistic discourse.

As I just posted on my channel, which prompted Palloy to stick his pseudo-erudite "high energy density" foot in his mouth, RF energy gleaned from photvoltaics can easily provide unlimited hydrogen from sea water.

We are, for all practical purposes, NEVER going to run out of salt, water or solar photons. And then there is geothermal, another, for all practical purposes, endlesss free energy source.

But, there is an answer to your your topic title that does not require some exercise in ERoEI (pollution costs excluding, of course ) math the Palloys of this world revel in (see below).

As you can see, obtaining the most cost effective and reliable, non-polluting, human standard of living improving, endlessly available ENERGY DOES NOT HAVE JACK S H I T to do with how we get our energy in this corrupt society.
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