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Author Topic: Batteries  (Read 5414 times)

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Re: Batteries
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2015, 07:21:40 pm »
Of course the recycling promise completely depends on the continuation of Tesla Motors as a going concern, and there is exactly one company in the US (maybe in the world, not sure) that recycles LI-Ion batteries. (Toxco)


I hope they do keep going, as someone who is on his second car with batteries (first with LI-Ion since the Prius has NiMH's) but I'm not counting on it. Ten years is a long promise. I still think Edison cells make better sense for home power. The power utilities should subsidize those.

When lithium-ion batteries reach a recycling plant, there are two ways to pulverize them. If they are completely without a charge, they're simply shredded so that the metal components, like copper and steel, can be easily sorted out. If the batteries could still possibly have a charge, though, they're frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed to frozen bits (cool!). The liquid nitrogen is so cold, the batteries can't react, so the smashing is safe. And probably fun. Then the metals are separated out for reuse.

I think you are right in regard to PUBLIC ACCESS battery technology. But the importance of this move by Tesla goes far beyond the limits of battery technology BECAUSE it is a paradigm shift in thinking about energy that the "dirty energy is the only reliable energy" people DO NOT WANT us to think about.

The assumption most people HERE started out with when I began posting about renewable energy 3 years ago was that NO WAY, JOSE for renewable energy's "drop in the bucket".

Look how things have changed in just 3 YEARS. It's over for dirty energy, Eddie. THAT is the subtext. THAT s what I am celebrating. THAT is what relegates all the "math doers" claiming this, that and the other about the "viability" of fossil fuels SQUARELY to the fringe whacko group that THEY had previously brainwashed MOST PEOPLE HERE into believing was applicable to the Renewable Energy crowd.  :icon_mrgreen:

The unleashing in the next ten years of just a tiny portion of all the suppressed (by the fossil fuel government for nearly a century) renewable energy technologies, of which battery technology is a small segment, is now happening.

The Renewable Energy Revolution will not be stopped this time, UNLESS we have a global thermonuclear war. So, yeah, the fossil fuelers have a genuine MOTIVE for wanting ALL OUT WAR. Never mind that it will hasten our extinction. Those people have been nuts from the start. I have yet to convince most people here of that, as well. But nevertheless, people are starting to connect the war loving, suicidal psychopath "dots" to the fossil fuel government/lobby MO. I hope it's not to late to stop those crazies.

The "DIRTY ENERGY IS THE ONLY RELIABLE ENERGY" folks will soon be singing "I'm on the outside looking in."        

There are ALL SORTS OF NOVEL ideas popping up out there!       
 Consider your place in Texas. Consider that you DO HAVE the solar power and money to buy umpteen panels that YOU KNOW will last 25 years PLUS with almost ZERO maintenance.  :emthup:

Suppose you just use the bulk of them to pump water into a huge tank. THAT TANK IS A BATTERY! That battery has INFINITE "charge" cycles, Eddie. That BATTERY NEVER NEEDS TO BE "recycled"!

And how do you get juice from that "battery" at EXACTLY the right voltage and amperage? 


Here's a tiny one. It's very quiet and certainly won't power most of your needs but it is a NO BRAINER that this technology is SIMPLE and is EASILY scaled up to get your 15KW or so household demand 24/7 come hell AND high water.

And I don't need to tell YOU, in dry Texas, what ELSE you could do with access to a LOT of stored water, do I?   


And, by the way, if large water towers are not your cup of tea, a GIANT water tank can be placed IN THE GROUND (out of sight and out of sabotage access by vandals ;D) with a gravity powered weight pushing DOWN on the water to give you water pressure for your generator. This is a build and forget thing with zero maintenance, for all practical purposes.

Many systems, up to the gigawatt generating level of underground giant cylindrical weights in multiple cylindrical tanks have been proposed. NO ADDED WATER is necessary after initial fill up. You just raise the weight when you have excess solar power, PERIOD. Of course, the fluid does not have to be water, but I think water is the best to protect the environment in the case of minor leaks.

Think BIG, Eddie. It ain't over yet!
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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