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Author Topic: Hydrothermal Vent Energy (more energy density than NUCLEAR power!)  (Read 128 times)

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MKing said,
You are on the right track agelbert, don't give up yet. Obviously you look around and see everything you've written extensively on, while the power of fossil fuels might get you down occasionally, buck up! They can certainly duke it out for decades, maybe even a century or two, but at the end of the day it is a finite world, and there is only one choice. Gradually increasing scarcity will affect price, people reacting to this economic stimuli will drive substitution and conservation, and one day a few generations from now Johnny will laugh at old granddad for offering him a ride in that antique classic, a 2014 Corvette. Sorry Pops, he will say, but my carbon fiber 1200# with D/C motors in each wheel hub and fully charged just 20 minutes ago ride makes that heap of junk look like a Model T, fit only for senior citizens with poor reflexes or antique collectors. And jesus Pops, it SMELLS and makes all that NOISE.

Might not happen in your lifetime Agelbert, or mine, but the future is already here, oil is already obsolete, and the winds of change aren't just turning windmill blades in southern Colorado nowadays.

Well,  I agree on your last statement. It will definitely NOT happen within the next 50 years. I am a realist, as much as I understand the math and physics, I also understand the power politics. Big oil will transition ONLY when they are assured continued control of the centralized energy spigot

There is a way to do that with renewable energy. As a matter of fact, it dovetails EXACTLY with something big oil might be VERY interested in pushing simply because they will continue to have control through a centralized source of energy with such a gigantic concentration of energy in a small footprint that, get this, it has more energy than a nuclear power plant.

The ONLY energy corporations in a PERFECT position to tap this massive energy gold mine (lots of free minerals without open pit mining as well!) are the Oil corporations because you need a massive "former" (lol!) Sea going oil platform to position the equipment and tap the energy. Exxon Mobile, if it hogs the hydrothermal vent energy gold mine will be even richer than it already is. And that means more fascism, MKing. I wish it didn't.

But anyway, it doesn't look like energy is going to be lacking anytime soon, whether we go extinct from pollution along the way or not.

Enjoy this video. It's not pie in the sky; Big oil has the pipes and knowhow to lay them to collect this energy with the SAME steam turbines (400C to 600C) that they use in nuclear power plants to generate electricity and cable it to shore. Big oil has lots of rigs that float or are anchored to the sea bed. In short, THEY have the lead on this bonanza.

Listen to the stats. It's ****ing mind boggling. 20 MILLION households powered from ONE hydrothermal tap!

All that deep ocean drilling knowhow they have developed can now be put to use. Sure, the corrosive crap that comes up from these hydrothermal vents may have every heavy metal contaminant in the world BUT they might have rare earths and other mineral goodies too. It might be a double grand slam for big oil.


But thanks for the pep talk, anyway. 

Leges         Sine    Moribus     Vanae   
if it has not works, is dead, being alone.


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