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Author Topic: Geothermal Power  (Read 3602 times)

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Re: Geothermal Power
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2014, 09:11:21 pm »
In regard to world events and profit over planet greed based stupidity this whole world bloodfest is, and always has been, about who has the AUTHORITY (see legal tender laws with a gun pointed at out happy heads) to issue money. And let me quickly add that it is NOT, and never has been, about the RESOURCES for energy and whatever, as many incorrectly claim. Say WHAT!!?

Why would I make such an "irrational" statement? BECAUSE there are PLENTY of resources to go around and have a sustainable, steady state economy. The only reason we DON'T have one is because TPTB have a SYSTEM that started with that log Little John wanted to charge Robin Hood to cross. Sure, you believe TPTB have their hand in our pocket 24/7 BUT, you understandably might think we are short on resources, which causes us to fight for them in order be the King of the Currency issuing Hill that controls all that. Nope.

The post before this one has an excellent video about the deepest borehole on earth.    There are TWO ways to deal with providing energy for life forms like us that need to stay warm in winter, cool in summer, make things and move about.
2) Energy harvesting from some process like burning fossil fuels or Renewable Energy devices.

TPTB NEED item "2)" because TPTB CONTROL the energy spigot with weapons, wars and the power to issue currency.

True. those two items have a bit of overlap but the important thing is that when you vastly increase energy insulation, you vastly DECREASE the demand for CENTRALIZED ENERGY. Centralized energy is the mother's milk of TPTB. It gives AUTHORITY and POWER to TPTB to wage wars for "profit" (a lie when the costs to biosphere are tallied), control our behavior and decide what is money and what ain't!   

Still don't see it? Okay, build a house with a hole in the basement 200 feet down ANYWHERE ON EARTH. Passive (you don't need to boil water! ) geothermal with a heat pump will keep you warm as toast in winter and cool in the summer. Add PV and a small wind turbine if necessary with a battery bank and you have the energy to charge your electric car, run all your appliances and the heat pump machinery. Finally, the excess power generated can be used to pump water into a tank that can also be considered a 'battery' with infinite recharge cycles.

The house, if insulated like the Norwegian houses are required to be by code, won't need a lot of energy to heat and cool anyway. BUT, you may want to NOT insulate it quite that well if you have extra geothermal power to play with. A less 'tight' house lessens your risk of improper oxygenation and/or radon gas build up (a big problem here in Vermont).

IF ALL the houses are built this way, the grid becomes a BACKUP, if it survives at all.  ;D  The maintenance of that system is PEANUTS compared with furnace and internal combustion car engine maintenance, never mind all the money sucked out of us for millions of miles of power lines to build and maintain with transformers and whatnot.

The initial cost, if amortized over a thirty year period into the mortgage, is CHEAPER than paying for heating oil, furnace maintenance, gasoline, engine maintenance and grid power for thirty years; MUCH, MUCH CHEAPER!

So why isn't it done? Because you CANNOT jack up energy prices on distributed energy systems.  ;D That means you cannot FORCE people to pay more. That means you cannot FORCE people to pay to make weapons to bomb other countries to get energy resources for centralized power plants that are NO LONGER NEEDED.  ;D  It's a real BUMMER for the fossil fuel Powers that BE!

They'd be forced to do crazy **** like England did a few centuries ago to suck money out of people; a tax was levied on the SIZE OF THE WINDOWS in people's houses for the CROWN.   ::)  :P   

I repeat, over and over, WE-THE-PEOPLE are the cash cow of TPTB. THEY are the lazy, welfare queen, parasites that need to sell us the bull**** that we need them, their wars and their centralized energy.

As far as energy availability, thermodynamically speaking, we DON'T have a resource problem. But just let Agelbert go out there and set up a geothermal/PV/wind/water tank battery system and TRY get BANK prime rate thirty year financing to tack on to any existing mortgage or new home mortgage and I will be TAXED six ways from Sunday or make it "against some ordinance" to PREVENT me from doing that.

That is what the fossil fuelers have done for over a century. Farmers didn't need Rockefeller's CRAPPY fuel. They made their own! SO TPTB make it illegal! Same with hemp and hundred of other renewable energy solutions.

Even that GUN to our heads is, in the final analysis, BALONEY TOO! Why do you think the fossil fuelers of this world constantly harp on our alleged "demand" for energy while studiously ignoring the OBVIOUS fact that right beneath anybody that lives on this planet is enough passive geothermal to eliminate ALL the need for heating oil and the ENTIRE industry of fossil fuel furnaces?

Because they NEED us to BELIEVE that in order to stay in the energy driver's seat. Thanks to people like me and many others that call bull**** on TPTB, they are losing their propaganda advantage. When that goes, they are done.

I just hope it's not too late. TPTB are wicked people, and will do their damnedest to kill every person that exposes their energy resources scarcity SCAM used to foment wars, price shocks and centralized fossil fuel pollution. My voice is too small to be considered a threat. But even so, they send their paid TOOLS here to try to ridicule the truth.

Finally, think about this for a moment. A nuclear power plan needs 600C to make the high pressure steam to produce over a gigawatt of power. Russia had MUCH MORE heat than that available and they plugged the hole.  :evil4:  And yeah, the HAVE the anti-corrosion piping needed to get all the heat they needed for over a century with next to NOTHING in maintenance costs compared with a radioactive monster like a nuke power plant or a centralized fossil fuel pollution factory. They didn't do it because people would CATCH ON that geothermal energy power is UBIQUITOUS. 

The emperor has no clothes. Sure, he has a real gun pointed at us but most people are toeing the line because they believe the bull**** about not being able to be energy independent with renewable energy anywhere on this planet. That LIE is ENFORCED by the government playing whack-a-mole with anyone who proves it can be done (Taxation, fees, city ordinances, etc   ). The 'Renewable energy "subsidies" that the Fossil fuelers like to disparage and moan about are WINDOW DRESSING. What dirty energy gets is the real subsidy gravy train but you'll never get Mendacious Fossil Fuelers to admit it.

I'm toeing the line because I'm not allowed to dig deep holes for geothermal energy on my rented property.  :(

I may be ahead of my time, but I'm right.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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