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Author Topic: Geothermal Power  (Read 3059 times)

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Re: Geothermal Power
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:55:01 pm »
Iceland Moves Closer to Powering European Homes With Geothermal Energy   ;D

Reykjavik, Iceland --  Iceland is moving closer to plugging European homes into the volcanic island nation’s geothermal and hydropower reserves via what would be the world’s longest power cable, according to the country’s largest energy producer.

“The more we look at this project, the more positive feedback we get,” said Hordur Arnarson, chief executive officer of Landsvirkjun, which produces more than 70 percent of Iceland’s power. “Over the past two years we’ve moved closer to this project becoming a reality,” he said in an interview in Reykjavik on May 21.

Iceland’s government and Landsvirkjun are studying whether the country should press ahead with the project, which could cost as much as 2 billion euros ($2.7 billion). Construction of the 1,170-kilometer (727-mile) submarine cable would need a bilateral agreement with the U.K. as well as deals concerning the purchase and sale of electricity.

The government estimates that 75 percent of Iceland’s energy is undeveloped. Hydropower from the nation’s glaciers accounts for about 73 percent of electricity production and the rest is generated from geothermal sources. Less than 40 percent of the available geothermal energy, which taps the earth’s heat, is used to make electricity.

The north Atlantic island of 320,000 inhabitants is seeking to diversify its economy as it recovers from Europe’s biggest banking collapse this century. The country currently produces 17 terawatt hours of electricity, a figure that could be doubled, according to Arnarson. For the project to be feasible, Iceland must sell at least 5 terawatt hours via the cable, he said.

“The conditions are in place for Iceland to produce 30 to 35 terawatt hours, should that be the decision of the authorities,” said Arnarson. “Producing that much energy would still protect a great deal of areas that we want to preserve.”

Copyright 2014 Bloomberg.


A. G. Gelbert   
 May 31, 2014 

I agree with Gary Tulie!

What's more, ALL the machinery now used to run a nuclear power plant (minus the radioactive fuel rods and reactor, of course!) can be used in a geothermal capacity. Why? Because the temperatures exactly suited for the 600 degrees or so centigrade nuclear power steam generation, the alloys used for the infrastructure, the corrosion protected pipes, etc. are actually MORE durable for the same , but totally clean function of harvesting renewable energy from a geothermal source.

This is one of the best kept secrets (by the nuclear power advocates  =  who don't want you to know it...) in the energy resource world.

It's actually cheaper to build a geothermal power plant, despite the huge investment in drilling deep into the earth and laying the corrosion resistant piping. Why? Because there are zero Uranium mining and climate damaging costs, zero security costs (no radioactive material to steal or sabotage) and longer MTBF from the pipes, pumps, valves, electronics and steam turbines not subject to premature aging and failure from radioisotope caused embrittlement. The risk of contaminating aquifers is infinitesimal compared with nuclear power. All this means they will be easily insurable without some coercive government, nuclear lobby protecting law, have 40 plus year life spans with guaranteed 24/7 base load power and income for investors with improved health and viability for the people and the environment around the geothermal power plant.

Let's shut down all those nuclear poison pigs, pull steam turbines out and use them in geothermal, safe, power plants!

NOTE:For those who think the places on the planet suited for geothermal are too few for this purpose, just look at a geological map of the planet to see where 600 degrees C is available a mile or so down. You will be quite pleasantly surprised. We need nuclear power plants like a dog needs ticks with Lyme disease!.

Gary Tulie   
 May 31, 2014 

Iceland has a huge renewable energy potential at low generation cost, and has run primarily on renewable power for many years. I suppose the question now is how to make the most of this potential - use power in Iceland for data centres, Aluminium smelting etc, or export power to Europe.

Regarding the 30 to 35 terawatt hours quoted, I would say that is very likely an exceedingly conservative figure   not taking into account advances in high temperature geothermal, geothermal fields of lower potential, or offshore geothermal drilling in Iceland's territorial waters. I seem to recall reading that if geothermal power can be harnessed using deep drilling into high temperature areas close to the magma, that Iceland, may have around 10 times the currently acknowledged potential.
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