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Author Topic: Ethanol  (Read 6146 times)

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Re: Ethanol
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2015, 10:40:31 pm »
One of the best kept secrets (by the fossil fuel government  >:() out there is that an internal combustion engine DESIGNED to run on ethanol, even though it has higher compression, is actually far more durable, as well as being nearly thirty percent cheaper to manufacture. That's right boys and girls, the witches brew of VOCs and various carbon chain hydrocarbons called gasoline is HELL on internal combustion engines.

WHY? Because ethanol runs MUCH COOLER 100% of the time! You can literally put your hand on the block of an engine running ethanol! The severe wear that an ICE experiences is mainly due to WASTE HEAT. That is HEAT that is UNUSABLE for MOVING THE VEHICLE. So they have to over enginner the metal to withstand all that waste heat. It's STUPID to use gasoline. But we still do it because that's the way the fossil fuel bought and paid for government wants it. 

Combined with other Renewable Energy sources, ethanol from algae or Lemna minor or/and some other plant source can enable us to transition to 100% Renewable Energy NOW, not 50 years from now.

The U.S. Renewable energy Laboratory (did you even know we had one?  :o ) ran a TWENTY YEAR (1976-1996) study on algae to biofuels and SUCCEEDED in numerous breakthroughs that made it economically feasible to make biofuel for ALL our ICE cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes (jet fuel too!). And it is HARDER to get biofuels from algae than from duckweed because algae is so hydrophilic (it loves to have water in it and around it so it can use it with the CO2 to make carbohydrates) because much more energy is needed to dry it than duckweed.

Do you know WHY they dropped the whole thing? I can tell you the boilerplate bullshit excuse they used. The U.S. Government claimed (After 20 YEARS of study with several important breakthroughs that made it DOABLE!) that it "wasn't necessary because the price of oil had dropped so low". 

BALONEY! The fossil fuel industry BURIED it just like they did the fuel farmers made in the 1920's with Prohibition!

But it's back! And it ain't gonna go away THIS TIME. And it IS contributing to the DEATH of fossil fuels. 
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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