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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 10331 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #465 on: November 14, 2018, 01:28:15 pm »

Green Car Reports

Tesla, GM, Nissan band together to extend electric-car tax credits 👍👍👍

By Eric C. Evarts

Nov 14, 2018


Lawmakers' bigger concern, however, may be GM, which has forecast that it will reach the 200,000-car limit by the end of the year—and which doesn't sell luxury electric cars.

Read more:


Agelbert NOTE: If the Democrats are smart, they will push multiple bills thorugh the House of Representatives EVERY MONTH, which INCREASE the tax credit for EVs to $20,000 with NO CAP on the number of vehicles AND allow people with less than that amount of annual income tax to take the remaining credit in subsequent tax years. As it stands now with the $7,500 tax credit, only the wealthy who pay $7,500 or more a year in taxes can get the full tax credit because the law was stupidly (or cleverly 😈, if you are a fossil fueler) written to allow the credit to be used in only one tax year.

Yeah, the GOP 🦕🦖 Senate 🙉 🙊 would stop all these bills in their tracks. :P BUT, National attention would be publicized hither and yon to the FACT that subsidizing EVs so the average person can buy one would

1. IMPROVE the HEALTH of Americans by  IMPROVING air quality for humans AND myriad species in the biosphere, AND
2. Help mitigate Climate Change, making subsidizing EVs COST EFFECTIVE

All the blocking and whining about "funding" by the Fossil Fuel Fascists 🐉🦕🦖 in the Senate would cast the GOP in the well deserved role of the enemy of we-the-people AND the Biosphere.

REMEMBER that the GOP Bastards, when they controlled the House of Representatives, tried 70 TIMES over EIGHT YEARS, to destroy the A.C.A. they deliberately, with malice aforethought, demonized as "Obamacare". If they could do that EVIL 70 TIMES, the least the Democratic Party can do is 70 attempts TO PASS $20,000 EV TAX CREDIT GOOD LEGISLATION.

 The Fossil Fuelers 🦖 DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks 🦀, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or   PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   

This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.. -- Psalm 34:6


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