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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 10630 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #450 on: October 14, 2018, 02:22:05 pm »
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Tesla: Let’s All Calm Down

October 14th, 2018 by Frugal Moogal


I own eight shares of Tesla stock.  When I started writing this article a month ago, I had four shares.  I have since doubled my position to a whopping eight. I feel like Tesla is in a position similar to where Amazon was about 15 years ago. There were real questions then if Amazon would ever make money to justify its valuation. Amazon could have gone bankrupt and an investor back then would have lost it all. Instead, a $1,000 investment in Amazon would be worth $40,000 today.

I bought my eight shares assuming there is a chance they will continue to skyrocket in the future, and if so, a potential $80,000 value in the future would be worth what was about a $2,000 risk today.

When I started writing this, I had a Model 3 on order.  I now have that Model 3. Simply put, as someone who used to do a lot of accounting, I have grown to hate the volatility of gas prices and auto repairs on monthly budgeting. At the same time, my previous car was quite clearly in need of replacement.

At this point, the Model 3 is the only electric car that has the ability to solve my gas price volatility problems while being able to serve as our primary long range car. If another manufacturer had a nationwide charging network, I’d be all ears.  None do.

I’d like the company to continue, but I don’t think I’ll be materially affected in either way if it doesn’t. If I lose the price I paid for the stock, I’ll be okay. If suddenly the company went bankrupt, enough Model 3s have been sold and enough demand exists that I believe they will be maintained. I might not get software updates, but that’s fine.

Now, having said that, we are in that period between Q3 and the Q3 call where we tend to have a flood of articles written about Tesla. Here are some handy things to remember:

Full article:


Agelbert Comments:

I think it is time for intelligent people to start discussing the high probability that Tesla willl soon buy Ford. Yes, that may seem ridiculous to some. However, it is far more rational when you look at automotive manufacturer history in the USA (Hudson, DeSoto,  etc.).

Also, model names within large manufacturers (e.g. Ford's Edsel, GM's LaSalle) have gone the way of the Dodo Bird, so what people call "Ford" or "GM" today is NOT what they have always been.

It is quite feasable and rational to picture Tesla absorbing Ford, who's stock continues to plummet with massive layoffs now proposed. Tesla could then set up a hybrid option on ALL Ford models (running exclusively on E100 hydrous ethanol ONLY, NOT GASOLINE), which would seal the fate of Big Oil good and proper. 😀

Within a decade, all those models would be pure electric, while forcing a law change in the USA. What do I mean by that? 🤔

You see, even though flex-fuel cars in Brazil have run on E100 (NO GASOLINE CONTENT 🌞 WHATSOEVER) quite well for DECADES now, Big Oil continues to publish baloney propaganda about ethanol "engine damage, water absorption issues" and other assorted (convenient to Big Oil profits 😈) scaremongering. They are all half truths at most.. The most corrosive, engine harming liquid fuel out there is GASOLINE (that polluting witches brew of long and short chained hydrocarbons mixed with a bunch of stabilizer chemicals Big Oil doesn't doesn't want to talk about).   

Pure ethanol has ALWAYS been a far better fuel for ICE vehicles than gasoline. Big Oil knows that, so they have been pro-active in doing all they can to make sure we don't AND keeping E100 out of reach of Americans. How so⁉️

Decades ago,  Big Oil 🦖 made SURE that E100 (hydrous AND anhydrous) cannot be manufactured as fuel in the USA by getting our corrupted government to pass a law to that effect (the "fuel grade" BULLSHIT).

That's right, folks. We need GASOLINE for Internal combustion engines like a dog needs ticks. However, Big Oil goes bankrupt if they cannot sell gasoline.

Tesla will soon be in the position to absorb Ford. They will get millions of Ford fans when they buy Ford for a song. The added brand will help accelerate Tesla product sales all around. ✨ 👍 😎

It's a better strategy than waiting for Ford to go bankrupt and have Trump 🦀 force we-the-people to keep them alive for a while longer.👎 😠

Think about that, Tesla fans. Successful car manufacturers have always absorbed unsuccessful car manufactures in the past. Tesla's future is to absorb those who make polluting cars.

As to why ethanol is the REAL bridge fuel to the future AND the ONLY Renewable Energy based fuel for hybrids, learn the truth at the following well documented recent post by yours truly: 🧐👨‍🔬

Is ethanol a sensible, efficient power source for any vehicle?

A “Rebot” B 🦕 > agelbert
How would Tesla buy Ford with no money?

agelbert > A “Rebot” B 🦕
How did Chrysler survive when it was bankrupt?

As long as Tesla is making a superior product, they will increase their Good Will (i.e. the term used in financial accounting statements)  among bankers, who consequently would be willing to loan Tesla the money to buy Ford.

If you are trying to make a case that Tesla's Debt to Equity ratio will prevent banks from providing a massive loan to buy Ford, then I think you need to study Citigroup, General Electric, Chrysler, AIG, etc. ALL of them were nearly or totally insolvent. Yet ,they are still there, aren't they?

Why then, do you see Tesla, a company that actually DOES know how to increase company worth with a great product (by investing revenue back into plant and equipment instead of stock buybacks and huge CEO salaries and golden parachutes), unlike the financial funny farms like Citigroup and AIG (never mind GE and GM wanting to make money from loans instead of quality products!)?

If there is one corporation out there that actually KNOWS what Socially Responsible Successful Corporate Behavior (a contradiction in terms for "fiduciary responsibility requirement" BULLSHIT Wall Street Fascist/Capitalists) IS, it is Tesla.

Any large bank that understands how doomed polluting vehicles are knows that EVs are the future and Tesla is the leading edge of that future. Loaning Tesla money to buy Ford is an EXCELLENT investment opportunity for any Bank.



This is exactly why seeking alpha is such a bogus site . It is so easily manipulated by dark forces.

This site is completely discredited by the crap it has spewed on Tesla over the years. What other crap has it been spewing?

Seeking Alpha is a total waste of internet space. I think most people have come to that conclusion.

Chris O > Richard
To be fair a even publication like the New York Times has been an anti Tesla FUD leader ever since John Broder's infamous 2012 review of the Model S.

Not sure what it is about Tesla that rubs NYT the wrong way or maybe it's just the popularity of anti-Tesla hit pieces that sets the tone but when it comes to Tesla you will find that NYT and SA suddenly have remarkably similar journalistic standards. In fact NYT actually quotes SA anti-Tesla FUD specialists.

Agelbert > Chris O
I'm sure what it is about Tesla that rubs NYT "wrong". Big Oil goes bankrupt if EVs become mainstream in the USA (and the world). The NYT has always defended Big Oil interests, otherwise known in our corrupted country as "national security", including wars for oil everywhere.

Big Oil cannnot make a profit from refining crude oil unless they sell the lion's share of the refined product (gasoline, diesel and gas). If Big Oil had to rely exclusively on making money from selling lubricants and feed stock for plastics, fertilizers, etc., they would go bankrupt because those products are less that 15% of what comes out of the cracking towers in a refinery.

Big Oil is out to get Tesla because Tesla is a MASSIVE THREAT to Big Oil's profit over people and planet business model.

THAT is why the NYT in particular AND WALL STREET (in general) continue to publish hit pieces (See Zero Hedge fecal coliform bolus 😉 throwing monkeys 🐒👹) packed with scaremongering and outright lies bad mouthing Tesla.

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