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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 16408 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #420 on: July 28, 2018, 12:08:19 pm »

Agelbert COMMENT: BYD (Build Your Dreams) understands that the key to get most people to switch to EVs is for most people to see the authorities driving EVs. The influence on the average citizen of seeing an EV prominently displayed at any time of the day or night cannot be underestimated.

Regardless of how the citizenry view police behavior, nobody thinks police vehicles are anything but the most reliable type of vehicle to own. ✨👍

This applies in any country on Earth. 🌞

I wish Tesla would move aggressively to give fleet discounts on Model 3 EVs to U.S. big city police. They can outrun most any car out there in a police chase so that alone will interest the police.

Also, the fact that they do not use gasoline, AND will have much lower maintenace costs than gas guzzlers, should interest 💵 😉 any municipality, not just the big cities.

For highway patrol cars, I am certain that Musk could EASILY come up with a 400 mile range lighting ⚡ fast modified Model S that would be the terror of speeders everywhere. 🏁 🧐

There is also much less routine police patrol workload with the autopilot. 👍😎

Once you've got the police AND most other municipality vehicle uses dominated by EVs, and bragging about all the money they save by running them, the public will begin buying EVs in droves.

As soon as EVs are perceived by the public as the BEST, it is game over for gas guzzlers and the hydrocarbon 🦕🦖hellspawn corporations that fight dirty to keep them in our polluted faces.

Positive Perception is not everything, but as any advertiser knows, it makes a GIANT difference. 

Come on Elon, start selling some EV fleets to U.S. cities!

Tesla now has the volume output to do that. Muncipalities have the financing power to buy these fleets so you get the money up front and Tesla has the cost benefit analysis data to convince them that it is a better deal than gas guzzlers.

ALL the mendacious propagandists constantly attacking Tesla products will evaporate as soon as the big cities have HUGE Tesla EV fleets.

Elon, of you don't do it, BYD will. 👀
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